Our Orangery & Conservatory Products

We are a UK manufacturer and supplier of beautiful, premium, elegant hardwood orangeries & hardwood conservatories, we make all our orangeries inhouse using high quality, durable materials. Orangery Costs start from £10,000 and we can deliver nationwide across the UK mainland. Our orangeries come in a range of standard sizes however we can also manufacture to specific sizes / kit sizes.

Products manufacturered in our joinery excel in quality, appearance and durability. The high quality of materials combined with skilled craftsmen helps to create products built to last with a visual appeal second to none. There's a reason why property owners choose Orangeries UK over the competition.

Our installers can provide a complete orangery installation service anywhere in the UK.

The Orangeries UK team can provide guidance from the quotation stage through to discussing planning permission & building regulations. The architectural team can discuss various design features as well as providing load bearing calculations, framework concepts & more.

Orangery Types

Orangery rooms can vary in their type/style and construction. We offer premium hardwood Orangeries but not uPVC. The most common types include Timber Orangeries and Oak Orangeries which are of hardwood construction. We make all of our wooden Orangeries from scratch in our specialist joinery. We can make modern living room orangeries, stand-alone Garden Orangeries (sometimes called a Garden Room) as well as kitchen orangeries which can be made into open plan extensions of a property.

Are you looking to extend your kitchen? An Orangery can be used to either facilitate a new kitchen or can be used to extend an existing kitchen.

If you are looking to extend your living room then an Orangery is the best way to do so. Conservatories offer equally good opportunities for extending a living room and living space in general.

A fantastic place to have dinner, sat under a roof lantern allowing an uninterupted view of the night sky, or to enjoy breakfast under natural light.

Garden Orangeries or Garden Rooms are elegant & offer a fantastic opportunity to have seperate living accommodation / space or a place to retreat too for relaxation, hobbies and more.

Buying an Orangery from Us

Our specialist team can guide you through the whole purchase process & consultation. We are involved from start to finish from the initial consultation phase which will cover design, layout, planning permission, roof lantern configuration, windows & doors, foundation, energy efficiency through to the manufacture, supply and build of your Orangery.

Simply fill out the quotation form below and a member of the Orangeries UK team will be in contact to discuss your requirements.

Orangeries UK can help with all aspects of Orangery design. You can provide examples of existing products that you like the look of, or, can provide something completely bespoke based on size and style preferences. We also offer a wide range of premium paint colours for the wooden frames from Farrow & Ball, alternatively we can provide wood stains to simulate wood types including Sapele, Idigbo and Iroko. If you would like to submit drawings to us you can.

The manufacture process will turn a proof of concept into the kit that will be delivered ready for installation. Your Orangery will be constructed through a combination of modern CNC machining & manual craftsmanship. Once the manufacture stage is complete your product will go through the stages of primer / wood treatment & painting.

Our installation team will help with everything from an initial ground survey through to setting up the foundation and erecting the Orangery / Roof Lantern. Installation will vary depending on the Orangery and the property, our team will guide you through this process.

Features will depend on configuration. Some of the general features include:

  • Premium FSC Hardwood Timber, Oak or Pine
  • Exterior Painted Board Components in Exterior Grade MDF
  • Clip together roof systems for Orangeries
  • 28mm Double Glazed Units (options for Triple Glazing)
  • Excellent Energy Efficiency Ratings / uValues
  • Microporous Paints
  • Easy Clean / Solar Glass Options
  • Multipoint Deadbolt and Hook Systems for Doors / Windows
  • Bespoke Ironmongery

Customer Orangery Examples

Frame Colour / Stain Options

Below are just some of the orangery design colour options we offer, we offer a complete range of colours including a colour matching service. Our choice of paint is premium Farrow & Ball paint which complements our products to a very high standard. Offering excellent durability and weathering resistance, Farrow & Ball are renown for their high quality paint.

Orangery frames/structures are typcially supplied in a plain white/grey primer ready for painting.

Opaque Colours

















Powder Blue


Sea Green




Mid Oak



Mid Oak



Idigbo Stains


Mid Oak



Medium Oak



Sapele Stains


Mid Oak



Medium Oak



Orangery Shape Orientation, Styles & Sizes

Orangeries UK offer a wide range of Orangery styles / shapes and configurations. Because we manufacture all our Orangeries from scratch all aspects can be customised including frame size, orientation, shape and style. Below are some of the most popular configurations / styles chosen by clientele.

Gable Fronted
Lean To

P Shaped
Custom Design

Design Considerations and Planning Permission

There are various things to take into consideration with any Orangery design, Garden Room or Conservatory styles and design, planning permission is another area that should also be covered to ensure the development is fully permitted.

The project management team here can assist throughout the whole planning, buying, manufacturing & installation process. Planning permission along with building regulations will be dealt with during the early stages once design concepts have been created for approval.

Planning will depend on a number of factors including neighbours, structural height, light impedance and more.


Lead times, Purchasing & Installation

The lead times on our Orangery products can range from 4 weeks to 16+ weeks depending on the size and nature of the project in question. Our team will assist you through the quotation & creation stage to produce concepts based on design preferences / specifications. The team can also provice inspiration via examples of other Orangeries built for previous clientele. After your product has been manufactured, we can provide an installation service via our nationwide fitter program.

Other Features / Options for Customisation

Your Orangery can be customised in every which way. Some common features for customisation include bespoke hardwood opening windows. Oak & Timber roof lanterns for the roof system. Custom ironmongery for internal fittings, latches, locks and doors. Last but not least, we can provide smart bifold door systems with multiple leaf configurations. Our ingenious bifolding doors allow maximum width openings with minimal space utilisation once opened (usually folding away into a crevace or compact space).

Trade Orangeries and Kits

We also supply trade Orangeries, if you have a trade enquiry please follow the link below or call us to speak to a member of the team. If you would like to install your own product then our joinery can manufacture a ready to assemble kit along with simple installation instructions.

Additional Product Information

Modern Orangeries have developed significantly since their origins from the 17th century. They are a beautiful addition to any property from a detached house to a bungalow, from a semi detached to a terraced house we can manufacture and supply an orangery to fit the dimensions available in size and height. Orangeries are a beautiful way to introduce more space to a home, let in more light and most importantly to increase available living space.

Some of our Orangeries

Orangery Construction

Orangeries are typically constructed with a perimeter roof (usually flat, curved or architectural) and have a brick base and a roof lantern as a roof, allowing the maximum amount of light in. Internally, there are various wood architecture features available.

Product Materials

Our products are made from high quality woods including Timber, Oak and other hardwood / softwood materials. Our specialists can also help with all the different aspects involved in home extension projects such as:

  • Designing and Planning
  • Choosing a Roof Lantern
  • Structural Calculations and Estimations
  • Utilising available space for structure
  • Building Regulations

  • Our range includes Modern design, traditional design, contemporary design and more. All of our products are built in our warehouse using the latest in CNC machine techniques along with high quality craftsmanship to ensure a perfect finish on the product.

    Orangeries (Sometimes referred to as Orangerie / Orangeri) originated in the 17th century, and were added onto properties to grow orange and other citrus trees. This was done by creating a glass roof which allowed maximum light to enter and with it, heat. Like a greenhouse, orangeries also trop heat, creating a warmer climate within the orangery, making the growth of fruit and other temperature-sensitive plants more effective.

    Early orangeries were mainly south-facing and used brick or stone bases, followed by a wooden frame structure which was generally constructed from Hardwood. However, in the 17th, 18th and into the early 19th century, the wood treatments were generally insufficient to provide a long lifespan for the wooden structure. Today’s hardwood joinery is treated with purpose-made paints and treatments which ensure that the wood is protected from weathering and ageing, including dampness, mold, rot and other issues.

    They were also traditionally a statement of wealth, and often found on grand houses and wealthy estates as a property extension. However, in modern times, manufacturing and building technologies have advanced to allow the much cheaper production of the glass and framing which make up the structures. Orangeries are now more affordable than ever, and make a beautiful addition to any property. The timber construction of your orangery will give a traditional and elegant look, using stunning architecture to support the structure and lantern roof.

    3 Ways an Orangery can improve your Home
    Our products are made from high-quality hardwood, including oak, sapele and idigbo.

    So, how can a luxury orangery from Orangeries UK really improve your home?

    1. They create additional space.
    Not only will you have the additional space of your new orangery itself, the extra room created by the orangery will open up the rest of your home.
    Your new orangery may also allow you to move furniture around, perhaps you’ll move it into the orangery and spread your furniture around the house, to add the feeling of a more spacious and open area.

    2. They bring the outdoors into your home.
    An orangery is perfect if you are a fan of the outdoors and can’t spend enough time out in the fresh air, the glass windows of an orangery, particularly when it overlooks your garden, undoubtedly bring the outdoors into your home, by allowing more natural light into the property and provide a clear view outside. Your view will, no doubt, be an absolute joy on sunny, picturesque days and perhaps a more exciting place to watch the winter weather when the wind and rain begin to pick up!

    3. An orangery can have a number of functions.
    And last but not least, an orangery can be built for a number of reasons. Whether you want a dining area attached to your kitchen, a playroom for your children or a relaxation-style room that is completely separate from the rest of the house, we’ve got the Orangery for you.

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