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What to Consider When Designing Your Orangery or Conservatory

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Date : September 28, 2015
“5 Questions to ask yourself”

An orangery or conservatory makes for a lovely place to relax in your home, adding luxury appeal and extra space to both contemporary and traditional properties. That said, without considering certain design specifications and details about your new orangery or conservatory, you may find yourself with an orangery or conservatory that doesn’t suit your requirements and, therefore, an impractical extension.

Orangeries UK have put together 5 questions to ask yourself when designing your orangery or conservatory to ensure it is specifically designed for your property and will be used as part of your lifestyle.

1. What will I be using my orangery or conservatory for?

Whatever you use your orangery or conservatory for, it will have an effect on how the conservatory is designed. Will you be using the orangery or conservatory as a kitchen extension? Or perhaps as an extra bedroom? You wouldn’t necessarily want to extend your current kitchen for a bedroom conservatory or orangery but may want another bedroom at the back of the house.

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2. What are the dimensions of my new orangery or conservatory?

You will need accurate measurements to be carried out on your property in terms of the dimensions of your new orangery or conservatory, before any work takes place. Many people often get the dimensions wrong which can go on to effect the layout, accessibility and aesthetics of the property.

3. What orangery or conservatory design would I like?

There are many orangery and conservatory designs to choose from. You may opt for a period conservatory or orangery, or perhaps a more modern ‘lean-to’. Whatever you choose, you should ensure that the interior and external features bode well with the orangery or conservatory design. Ornamental features, for example, will not necessarily work well with a small and contemporary ‘lean-to’ conservatory. Remember to consider the different flooring options too!

4. Where will my orangery or conservatory be located?

The location of your new orangery or conservatory not only has an effect on the atmosphere in the room, for example, whether the room is noisy or quiet, it may also affect the amount of natural light you receive, as well as the size of the extension.

5. How will my new orangery or conservatory fit in with the style of my existing property?

Finally, it is important to ensure that your new orangey or conservatory fits in with the style of your existing property.  The aim is to have an extension that attracts attention for its high-quality and luxury appeal, rather than being a bit of an eye-saw that is completely different to the rest of your property.


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