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Choosing the Flooring for your Orangery

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Date : September 4, 2015
“The types of flooring you can have for your Orangery”

When you are having an orangery or conservatory built, in the first stages, you are probably more focused on its structure and position, rather than the interior design. When it comes to the final stages though, you’re probably fed up of the building work and simply want it finished.

While some people opt for slate, ceramic or wood flooring, you may have decided that you would like a vinyl flooring effect instead.

Here’s some advice about the types of vinyl flooring effects suitable for orangeries and conservatories to help when making your decision.

Wood Effect Flooring

Opting for a high-quality wood effect flooring can feature the details and characteristics you’d expect to see in traditional wood flooring, like individual grain and knots, for an authentic feel, yet lower maintenance. What’s more, you can opt for a wood effect floor with varied shades and tones, just like natural wood.
Wood effect flooring generally withstands day-to-day life, like spillages and dirt, and is easy to clean.
In addition, certain wood effect flooring brands are compatible with underfloor heating and will state the maximum temperature. You will need to check this with the manufacturer.

Stone Effect Flooring

Stone effect flooring offers a similar aesthetic appearance to stone, without the cold and hard feel on your feet.

Although, stone, slate and ceramic flooring has a lovely appearance in an orangery or conservatory. Natural effect stone tiles offer a number of benefits too, like resilience, warmth and durability. In addition, they are easy to clean, durable and water-resistant.

Apparently, low-quality stone floor tiles can be prone to chipping and cracking because of their rigid structure, so stone effect flooring offers a durable and practical alternative.

Stone effect flooring, like stone floors, can be compatible with underfloor heating (check with the brand!), although, will probably be limited to a maximum temperature.

Mosaic, Metallic and Pebble Effect Vinyl Tiles

If you don’t like the sound of wood or stone effect vinyl tiles, then you might opt for a different style of vinyl tiles, suited to the purpose of your orangery or conservatory. There are many brands with different patterns and prices of vinyl floor tiles that you can either fit yourself or have fitted by a professional.
Pebble vinyl floor tiles, for example, may work well in a garden room or an orangery designed primarily for housing plants!

For more information about the types of flooring effects suitable for your orangery or conservatory, contact Orangeries UK on 0333 335 5051.

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