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Timber Orangeries

A timber orangery consists of timber window frames, doors at the sides, a flat roof and a seperate timber glazed roof lantern set into it.

Timber Orangeries

Bespoke Timber Orangeries, Beautiful Timber Framed Home Extensions

A bespoke hardwood timber orangery consists of timber window frames, doors at the sides, a flat roof and a seperate timber glazed roof lantern set into it. Like all orangery styles, a timber orangery offers a great opportunity to extend your home, make extra room for living, dining or playing and will add brightness to your home too.

Because the orangery roof is separate from the framing, there are dozens of options when it comes to the design and shape of your bespoke wooden orangery.

Our beautiful, bespoke timber orangeries start at £7995.

Timber Orangery Gallery

Below are some of our bespoke orangeries.

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We Make & Supply Luxury Timber Orangeries

Built from scratch, tailored to your requirements from £7995

Orangeries UK designs and manufactures premium timber orangeries from high quality hardwoods that are treated and designed to last. What’s more, because everything that we produce is built from scratch, you’re able to customise your timber orangery to your exact specifications, from its size, shape and style through to finer details like ironmongery options and colour/stain.

  • Can be Made to Measure (Small, Medium, Large Sizes or Custom)
  • Premium Timber Hardwoods (FSC certified)
  • Bespoke Roof Lantern Options
  • Bespoke Glazing Bars
  • Completely Custom Architectural Features
  • Diverse Colour & Wood Stain Range & Colour Matching
  • Custom Ironmongery Options
  • High Quality Security Features & Multipoint Locks
  • Single, Double & Triple Glazing Options
  • Pilkington Activ Self Cleaning Glass
  • Excellent Thermal Efficiency
  • Low Lead Times
  • We Can Supply & Install Or Supply Self Build Kits

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Timber Orangery Prices / Costs

If you are interested in finding out exactly how much a timber orangery would cost, our team will need to understand the exact requirements and specifications of your project. Prices start from £7995 and our quotations are FREE and no-obligation. Why not talk to a member of our team today to see how we can help you? Get a Free Quotation

Trade & Kits

If you are looking for DIY Timber Orangery kits for self-assembly, we can supply ready-to-build kits directly to your door. We offer trade prices on bulk orders and for traders who are return customers. Our timber framed kits are easy to setup and install and are used frequently by builders, architects, interior designers, home builders, property development companies and more.If you are interested in our trade products or DIY kits, please contact us to see how we can help you.

Trade Orangeries

Timber Orangery Colours & Wood Stains

Below are just some of the colour options we offer, we offer a complete range of colours including a colour matching service.

Mid Oak
Mid Oak
Idigbo Stains
Medium Oak
Mid Oak
Sapele Stains
Medium Oak
Mid Oak
Opaque Colours
Powder Blue
Sea Green

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    Shapes, Styles and Sizes

    Below are just some of the style options that we offer. For inspiration or to see what projects we’ve been working on, have a look at our orangery gallery. If you have any questions about shape, style or size, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today.

    More About Our Timber Orangeries

    A modern timber orangery isn’t just an extension of your home, it is an extension of your home into your garden. A timber orangery will merge your outside space with the inside space of your house, allowing all of that beautiful, natural light to come flooding into your home.

    An orangery was once a symbol of prestige, only the wealthiest of homeowners could afford to erect a structure quite like it, providing a safe haven for their fruit trees, protecting them from the harsh British Winter weather.

    But now a bespoke hardwood orangery isn’t about making sure your plum trees survive the Winter, now it’s about adding a sunroom onto your home. And with a combination of the finest timber products, glass and masonry, as well as a unique roof lantern built into your bespoke wooden orangery, not only will it add a sense of grandeur to your home, but it will also add brightness to your home.

    Whilst the sense of luxury from installing a wooden garden room onto your home remains one of the fundamental reasons to install a timber orangery, the use of this sunroom space has evolved considerably over the years.

    Yes you could still use your orangery to house your fruit trees throughout the colder months, but perhaps it would serve you better to use it as an extra room to live in, to dine in, to play in or to relax in. A modern orangery extension affords you the opportunity to utilise this bright, beautiful space exactly as you see fit.

    The natural beauty of timber means that your modern orangery provides a seamless transition from your house to your garden.

    Pillars and Side Framing

    Orangeries UK are timber orangery experts. We will design your timber orangery to your specifications, with either brick pillars between the frames or in the corners of the structure.

    Your bespoke wooden orangery extension will be manufactured to meet your exact requirements in our dedicated joinery. It will be designed to synchronise harmoniously with your existing building structure, blending seamlessly with your home’s architecture as if it’s always been there.

    So no matter what orangery style you opt for, modern orangery or bespoke wooden orangery, the quality of work that our expert craftsmen produce will ensure that your modern orangery is a beautiful and versatile space, providing you with shade in the Summer and warmth in the Winter. This year round useable space will never fail to impress.

    We will manufacture your bespoke hardwood orangery from the finest sustainably sourced timber products, with full timber side framing or with only part of the side walls glazed, leaving you with ample wall space for a radiator, television, piece of art or picture frame. Meaning you can enjoy your wooden garden room exactly as you please.

    When you choose a classic timber orangery for your home, you are installing natural character through the materials that make the structure. A bespoke hardwood orangery offers a timeless appeal that other materials simply can’t provide. So if a modern orangery is what you’re after, we are the timber orangery specialists who will deliver it for you.


    We understand that lighting is an essential element of a sunroom. And because timber orangeries have a flat roof, it’s easy to install lighting. Lighting fixtures will make your orangery a comfortable, usable space throughout the day and year. Here at Orangeries UK we guarantee that your bespoke wooden orangery will give you a perfectly proportioned balance of light and space, making your sunroom a truly special addition to your home.


    The siting of your orangery may not seem like a priority, but where you position your orangery is key to maximising how you will use the space. If you want a warm room in the morning, then positioning your sunroom facing north is best. But if you prefer to soak up the late afternoon sunlight, then installing your bespoke wooden orangery to face south will guarantee you a cosy space later in the day.

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    Our team of experienced timber orangery specialists will offer you advice and guidance from selecting your bespoke wooden orangery design, through to installing your orangery for you, guaranteeing that your wooden garden room perfectly suits your requirements.

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    Would you like a free, no obligation instant quote? Call us on 0333 335 5051 or fill out our online form to get an idea of costs.

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