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Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns are typically constructed from glass and wooden architecture to provide a framework to allow natural light to flood the room below.

Roof Lanterns

Our roof lanterns are made using premium hardwood materials such as Oak, Sapele and Idigbo or Aluminium

Allow natural light to flood into your home with a bespoke aluminium or hardwood roof lantern. Made to measure to your exact specifications and styled to your requirements. Roof lanterns & glass roof skylights can be delivered as a kit or we can provide installation via our network of installers.

Roof lantern prices start from £900 and vary depending on size, style & options. Our lantern roofs are made to measure and come in a standard white/grey finish (primer) or can be painted in a wide range of RAL colours. We use premium Farrow & Ball paints for the ultimate, premium finish.

Orangeries UK design and manufacture roof lanterns offering a number of options including thinner rafters to maximise glass size and minimise sightlines. Our lanterns can be supplied with fixed frames underneath or can come ready for fitting directly to a timber kerb (can integrate with flat roofs).

Roof Latern Gallery

Below are some of our roof laterns.

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Below are standard specifications, we provide complete lantern customisation.:

  • Available in Hardwood or Aluminium
  • Rafter Sections from 44mm
  • Hips from 56mm
  • Roman Ogee3 Detail Moulded Onto Underside of Timber Sections (except for Hip Bosses which have chamfer detail)
  • Standard Glass Units with Argon-Filling – Double Glazed 28mm Units
  • Various Glass Options including Solar Control, Easy Clean Glass
  • 4-20-4 Toughened Units
  • U-Values of 1.1W/m
  • Aluminium Capping System uses Twin-Gasket System for Weatherproofing
  • RAL/BS4 Colour Options Available (Paint and Colour Stains)
  • Custom Finials & Crestings
  • Electric or Manual Vents

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More About Our Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns can also be referred to as Sky lights, domed roofs, glass roofs and other terms. Generally, the principle behind these products or alternatives is the same, the use of glass and wooden architecture to provide a framework that allows a solid roof to be see through to allow maximum light through.

There are a number of different roof lanterns available including DIY Roof Lanterns (a kit you can fit yourself if your DIY savvy), Curved Roof Lanterns (These are rounded to fit existing structures), architectural roof lanterns and flat roof installations. If you require a custom lantern we can build it for you from high quality Oak and Timber hardwood.

We offer a range of different Roof Lantern styles, these will either be styled independently or will follow the style of any product they are supplied with. For example, if a customer buys an Orangery or Conservatory, we can manufacture the roof lantern to the same specifications (style / size). Alternatively, we offer a range of different styles including Edwardian and Victorian ranges, modern and contemporary ranges and more.

Our internal team of specialist designers use the latest in CAD technology to design stunning architectural roof lanterns that will make a beautiful addition to any property, once the designs are finished, the product development can begin. Our team of woodwork specialists and craftsmen can get to work producing your Roof Lantern from scratch. Every aspect of the manufacturing stage is monitored and carried out carefully to ensure absolute quality control to ensure the finished product is perfect (no imperfections).

We can supply and fit or you can have the product delivered for your own installation, any way you want to proceed we can help. We offer nationwide delivery fast! So if you are on a tight deadline for production and construction then Orangery UK can help.

”We offer nationwide delivery FAST! Order your product and have it ready quickly”

If you require assistance with choosing a roof lantern why not give us a call today to see how we can help?

DIY Roof Lanterns

These are designed specifically to make installation as simple as possible, even for inexperienced or novice installers. The components are easy to assemble and clip together, instructions and guides are provided to help with the assembly.

Curved Roof Lanterns

Our curved roof lanterns are high quality, look visually stunning and are very sophisticated. The manufacture allows for curved glass, curved timber structures to allow for stunning and bespoke designs / patterns / configurations.

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Would you like a free, no obligation instant quote? Call us on 0333 335 5051 or fill out our online form to get an idea of costs.

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