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Features of a Modern Conservatory

A modern conservatory incorporates contemporary architectural design with the ultimate in luxurious living.

Features of a Modern Conservatory

Modern Conservatory Design & Styles

If you’ve taken on a period property, it’s likely you chose it because you love original features, but these style of properties are not without their own particular set of challenges. Especially when it comes to modernising them, or adding on an extension.

If you’re looking to increase your home’s floor space, there are plenty of options you can choose from – you can opt for a classic design conservatory, for example, one that is in keeping with the traditional nature of your property.

A classic conservatory will mimic and recreate the architectural feel of your beloved home, and our design team at Orangeries UK can help guide you through your options. From our range of timber orangeries to our conservatory designs, you could go for the unfussy Georgian period, the more detailed Victorian styles or furthering into the more typically elaborate attention and detailing often associated with Edwardian conservatory styles.

But if these conservatory designs aren’t to your taste, that doesn’t mean you have to go without.

If you want to update your property, to juxtapose the existing period features with a contemporary design extension, while remaining sympathetic to your property’s style, our experienced team are on hand to guide you through your options.

Because if you are looking for a modern contemporary style conservatory extension to enhance your home, we have many options for you.

As well as adding extra space onto your home, a modern conservatory incorporates contemporary design with the ultimate in luxurious living. The modern conservatory ranges Orangeries UK can provide are extensive and will create the more minimalistic or geometric space that you’re looking for.

Modern conservatories tend to work particularly well where properties have architecturally evolved over the years, binding the tales of previous extensions and updates together, and further enhancing the quality, space and light afforded to your property.

Bespoke modern conservatory options are available to those who truly want to make a statement, or have a clear and unique vision of what they want to achieve from their property extension.

But what are the features of a modern style conservatory, and how can you ensure your new conservatory has a definite contemporary feel?

First though, what is contemporary? Quite simply, it’s a la mode – of a fashion, today’s fashion. And the main trend for a modern conservatory sees a combination of open spaces, minimalist frames and wrap around, unhindered views. Essentially an open plan room with slimline frames and a lot of glass. And best of all, this style of modern conservatory is easily adaptable to meet your needs and to suit your tastes.

So what other features can a conservatory add to enhance the contemporary lifestyle.

How to use your modern conservatory

Like any room in your home you can use your modern conservatory any way you wish. But the vast majority of conservatory installations are designed to further increase the living space of their home, whether this be for the purposes of entertaining friends and family or simply allowing the opportunity to expand personal relaxation space.

Why not turn the space into a separate dining room that enables you to dine semi-al fresco? Or for those families with small children, a modern conservatory can make a great playroom for children, being used both in the summer with the doors thrown wide open, and in the winter when kids want to play outside, but it’s too cold.

Or treat your conservatory like a blank canvas – commission art to fill the space, use it to showcase a sculpture, or display feature furniture. In fact, your modern conservatory doesn’t have to be a room with a practical purpose at all, it can be your own personal showroom if you want it to.

Other ideas include creating an Entertaining Room Conservatory

Where to get inspiration for your modern conservatory

If you’re wondering where you can get inspiration for your extension, why not take a trip out to see one for yourself?

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More About Our Features of a Modern Conservatory

Here are a 7 features of a modern conservatory that can ensure the contemporary lifestyle benefits you are looking for:

1. Open-plan, minimalistic styling.

Think straight lines, open plan design, wooden or tiled floors, clean living and minimal furniture. A modern conservatory does not tend to feature a lot of ornamental features, nor any kind of traditional furniture.

To really emphasise the contemporary look and feel of your modern conservatory, don’t fill it with traditional conservatory furniture like wicker chairs, or outdoors sofas and armchairs, nor don the walls with paintings of flowers.

Think instead of using bold, statement pieces from your furniture, to your art, ensure that every item of furniture in your conservatory makes a statement, not just serves a function.

2. Install bi-fold doors.

Bi-fold doors save dramatically on space and add an open-plan, spacious feel that can ensure your conservatory has a modern design. Many people opt for bi-fold doors for the ultimate in modern living, since they have a clean, sleek and flush appearance

The benefits of bifold doors are innumerous, but one particular advantage is their ability, when folded back, to disappear almost from sight, giving the appearance of a disappearing wall, seamlessly blending your home’s interior with the garden, instantly extending your living space.

3. Opt for the lean-to conservatory.

With its clear cut lines and adaptable style, the lean-to conservatory design is the ultimate choice for a modern conservatory – with their contemporary design, they are easy to construct from a slimline frame.

While a lean-to conservatory may strike you as a dated architectural design, when it’s constructed with a coloured hardwood frame, the overall appearance of the conservatory is a modern one, with a slimmer frame and more glass.

And what if you rotated the roof around so instead of having the typical lean-to roof angled away from your house, it was set 90 degrees or even 180 degrees in the opposite direction? This simple adaptation will give your humble lean-to conservatory a totally different look, not to mention feel, from any other lean-to conservatory you may have been in.

4. Modern blinds.

Blinds are a key feature of ensuring your conservatory has a modern look, as well as maintaining privacy and managing the heat that can quickly build up.

There is no point having the most contemporary conservatory installed in your home, and then placing traditional blinds over the glass. For a modern conservatory, consider minimalist-trend, integral blinds or wooden shutter blinds.

5. Install a contemporary roof lantern.

If you really want to ensure your conservatory is of a modern style, a flat roof with a roof lantern is one of the most on-trend features you can have. A roof lantern can further open up a conservatory, allowing more natural light to flood into the interior. Take care not to install an ornamental Victorian-style roof lantern though, instead, a simple, circular design tends to work well in a modern conservatory.

6. Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating might seem like a luxury in a conservatory, but it is a great alternative to unsightly radiators, plus it’s inconspicuous and an incredibly efficient way to heat your modern conservatory.

7. Contemporary design schemes

You may not think a conservatory can have a colour scheme as most older conservatories are white, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with boring. This is your conservatory, you can colour it however you like.

To make your modern conservatory truly contemporary, opt for off whites or hues of straw and soft greys for the walls and combine with contrasting colour and furniture. Another way of ensuring a contemporary aesthetic is to have feature walls, or employ the use of dashes of bright colours, such as hot pink or red.

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