• Bespoke Orangeries

    Are you looking to extend your home with an Orangery or
    Conservatory? If so look no further, Orangeries UK are a
    manufacturer and supplier of Orangeries.

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  • Beautiful Orangeries

    We manufacture and supply high quality hardwood
    Orangeries to the whole of the UK, extend your property
    with one of our beautiful, hand crafted orangeries.

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  • Customise Your Orangery

    Customise your Orangery any way you want. We manufacture
    the entire structure specify shape, size, timber species (oak
    and other hardwoods available) paint and ironmongery colours,
    and much more.

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  • Beautiful on the Inside

    Make your Orangery beautiful on the inside, choose from
    an array of frames, architecture, wood stains and even
    ironmongery options for handles, latches & more.
    Make your Orangery a place of comfort.

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  • Bright Spaces

    Let the light shine into your home through
    a beautiful, hand crafted roof lantern.
    Choose your roof style with your bespoke

Orangeries and Sun Rooms

Orangeries UK are a nationwide supplier of high quality Orangery, Conservatory and Home Extension structures. We make all of our Orangeries and Conservatories in-house using -quality, long-lasting hardwoods including Sapele, Oak and Idigbo.

Orangeries are built with a perimeter roof and suspended roof lantern / glass lantern. The orangery itself is a bespoke structure which can be designed to fit onto a property even if space is limited. Orangeries can be constructed as a kitchen extension, living room extension or as a structure to connect two properties. Conservatories and Orangeries are different but have many similarities, the main difference is that a conservatory roof is connected directly to the side-framing, whereas an orangery has a flat roof element. Both orangeries and conservatories may have brickwork sections or piers as part of the side structure, but it is more common for these to be a significant part of the structure within an orangery.

Our Orangeries & Conservatories are built using high quality materials and craftsmanship which also makes our products energy efficient and thermally dynamic. Regardless of the choice of materials, our Orangeries and Conservatories make a great addition to any home or property, whether it’s for extra living space, storage space or even an office.

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How We Can Help

Bespoke Designs & Styles

We can help you choose an existing style / design, or we can help you with your bespoke design and style requirements. We offer a range of materials, wood stains and ironmongery styling options.

Design Considerations

We can help with all sorts of design considerations, even if the orangery or conservatory has to fit into an awkward space we can help. Speak to one of our specialists today.

Planning Permission

We can assist you with planning permission / guidance and general assistance. Planning permission is an important consideration for home extensions.

Popular Home Extension Ideas

Orangeries were buildings frequently found / located in prestige residences throughout the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Orangeries were designed to be similar to a green house (glass room) to allow maximum light and warmth into a property which typically grew citrus trees, orange trees & other produce. Orangeries frequently contained complex architecture for looks and for glass panels to be mounted to in an arrangement that allowed for maximum light to enter.

The Orangery originally came from the Renaissance gardens in Italy at the time when manufacturing for glass was sufficient to produce the glass sizes required for Orangery roofs. The Dutch led the way in developing larger and larger panes of window glass for Orangeries. Dutch manuals showed solid roofs that were beamed or vaulted and were easier to manufacture using the heat from a stove rather than using open fires and blue flames. Orangeries became a symbol of wealth and were expensive to manufacutre & buy which led to the installations being in more affluent areas of the UK and other areas in europe.

The orangery at Dyrham Park (located in Gloucestershire) was given a glazed roof after Humphrey Repton memarked that the original slate roof made the premises too dark.
Choosing a wood type is all down to style preferences, as all of the Sapele, Idigbo and Oak hardwoods which we use are naturally durable, and are factory-finished with purpose-made paints and stains to protect them from the elements. The different species we use each have their own grain and colour characteristics. If you would like to learn more, please speak to one of our team who will be happy to help. For opaque-painted colours, and darker translucent stained colours we use Sapele timber as standard, as this species has a dense, close grain and is naturally strong and durable. For lighter stained colours we recommend Idigbo, which has a lighter, more yellow colour and a slightly more open grain than Sapele. For that really special touch, or a rustic look, why not choose European Oak. We recommend that Oak is stained in one of our lightest stain colours as this lets the natural beauty of the timber through.
Most of the time people choose to extend their property with a conservatory just for extra living space, however, Orangeries are frequently used to extend key areas of a home such as a living room or kitchen. Conservatories are more popular for smaller properties, whilst Orangery structures tend to extend a property much further.
Your property will require additional planning permission before any further extensions can be made to ensure that specific guidelines are met. Adding a conservatory or orangery to your home is considered to be "permitted development" which generally does not need an application for planning permission unless it falls outside of set planning guidelines. You can read more about planning permission here: http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission/commonprojects/conservatories/

"Our customers always have their expectations exceeded"

It's not just our products that are of high quality, it's our service too. We have a team of highly skilled specialists which can help you every step of the way from quotations through to design considerations, style choices, through to product delivery, installation and aftercare. We pride ourselves on quality and efficiency to ensure you have a pleasant experience every step of the way.

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Do you have specific requirements for an Orangery or Conservatory? Why not speak to a member of our team to discuss your project requirements and we will provide advice / guidance.

Why choose Orangeries UK?

Products are made to last and undergo treatment to ensure they stay mould / rot free. ardwood and softwood materials.

We offer nationwide delivery, supply and fit, kits for architects & property developers & DIY professionals. Our products are made to last and undergo treatment to ensure they stay mould / rot free.

We are a part of the Country Hardwood Group. We also manufacture Roof Lanterns and Bi fold Doors.

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