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A Bespoke Orangery For Your Home

Get a quote now! We offer a free no-obligation quotation. Once the design and style is agreed upon, we can manufacture and supply/install your Orangery or Conservatory.

We are a nationwide supplier of high quality Orangery products, Conservatories and Garden Rooms. We manufacture all of our products in-house using quality, long-lasting hardwoods/softwoods.

Orangeries are built with a perimeter roof and a suspended roof lantern or glass lantern, and either a single set of opening French-style doors or bifold doors. The orangery itself is a bespoke structure that can be designed to fit onto a property, even if space is limited. These structures can double as property extensions, and can be constructed for a variety of purposes including to add space to kitchens and living rooms, or as a structure to connect two properties.

Orangeries UK Products

It’s not just our products that are of high quality, it’s our service too. We have a team of highly skilled specialists & architects who can help you every step of the way from quotations through to design considerations, style choices, product delivery, installation, and aftercare. Orangery extension design & builds are our specialties, we combine modern orangery design with premium quality materials to deliver exceptional new living spaces for your home.

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Orangery products & bespoke hardwood conservatories, customers across the UK choose us for all their home extension needs. We combine over 30+ years of combined experience with sustainable, eco friendly materials that are carefully selected before they go into an orangery or conservatory build.

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