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The cost of an orangery will depend on the size, orangery style and decorative features of the orangery, among other factors.  In 2021, here’s how much you can expect to pay.

How much does an Orangery cost?

Orangery costs depend on size, style, features & other factors

As of 2021, the average price of a supply-only Orangery in the UK now stands at around £19,000 (this average covers uPVC and Wood) although wood is generally more expensive with average prices from £20,000 onwards.

Full build orangeries are more expensive as the price is inclusive of all work and labour costs.

The amount an orangery cost will be is entirely dependent on the size, configuration and style. The prices in this article are indicative of an average orangery.

Use our orangery cost calculator to see how much your dream orangery could cost.

Hardwood Orangery Prices

Prices for small-sized hardwood Orangeries (supply only) start at approx: £12,500 up to £18,000

Prices for small-sized hardwood orangeries (full build) start at approx: £60,000

Small orangeries are generally 4m x 4m (4000mm x 4000mm) or smaller.


Prices for medium-sized hardwood Orangeries (supply only) start at approx: £18,000 up to £30,000

Prices for medium-sized hardwood orangeries (full build) start at approx: £75,000

Medium orangeries are generally from 4m x 4m (4000mm x 4000mm) up to 6m x 6m (6000mm x 6000mm) or larger.


Prices for Large-sized hardwood Orangeries (supply only) start at approx: £25,000 up to and in excess of £100,000

Prices for large-sizes hardwood orangeries (full build) start at approx: £85,000

Large orangeries are generally 7m x 7m (7000mm x 7000mm) onwards.


The prices are for manufacture/supply only. Prices will vary depending on size, Orangery design, decorative features i.e. Bars, Pillisters, Window & Doors Styling, Bifold Doors etc.)



Orangeries can come in almost any-size or configuration. Below is a size matrix which will show you what classification sizes related to Orangeries are i.e. Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large. Get an Orangery Quote

Of course the cost of your Orangery will depend on various customisation elements as well as additional requirements related to planning, surrounding areas/infrastructure etc. Below are common features / factors that will impact on pricing.

  • Roof Lantern Size & Decorative Elements
  • Orangery Windows and Doors i.e. Bifold Doors
  • Ironmongery
  • Foundations i.e. Trench Footings
  • Feature Removal / Relocation – I.E. Pre-existing structures
  • Utility Supply i.e. Water, Electrical Feeds, Gas Feeds
  • Heating Infrastructure
  • Installation – Potential for Planning

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    More About Our Orangery Costs

    uPVC Orangery Prices
    Please note the prices below are based on supply elsewhere. We do not offer UPVC Orangeries – we only manufacture and supply hardwood orangeries. The prices below are for basic comparison.

    Prices for small-sized uPVC Orangeries (supply only) start at: £5000-£6000
    Small uPVC orangeries are generally 4m x 4m (4000mm x 4000mm) or smaller and offer a more limited living space over larger orangery structures.

    Prices for medium-sized uPVC Orangeries (supply only) start at: £8,000
    Medium uPVC orangeries are generally from 4m x 4m (4000mm x 4000mm) up to 6m x 6m (6000mm x 6000mm) or larger. Medium / larger orangeries will usually need planning permission.

    Prices for Large-sized uPVC Orangeries (supply only) start at: £12,000
    Large uPVC orangeries are generally 7m x 7m (7000mm x 7000mm) onwards. Prices per square metre start to increase as the size and structural requirements become more complex.

    The prices are for manufacture/supply only. Prices will vary depending on size, design, decorative features i.e. Bars, Pillisters, Window & Door Styling, Bifold Doors etc.)

    Please note we do not manufacture using uPVC.


    Orangery Cost to Build

    When looking at the associated costs with extending your home / living space with an orangery you have to look at the cost of the product as well as the installation costs. Again, this is very much a bespoke consideration as the cost to install will depend on the size of the structure and complexity of install (foundations, existing property features, and integrations).  If you buy an orangery kit for self install then you’ll obviously save cash on the install but the product cost will remain the same.

    Certainly! Several factors can influence the cost of an orangery, including size, materials, and design. Here are some details on each factor:


    The overall dimensions of the orangery have a significant impact on its cost. Larger orangery structures require more materials, labor, and time to construct, resulting in higher costs compared to smaller ones.


    The choice of materials used for constructing the orangery affects the cost. Common materials include uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride), timber, and aluminum. Each material has its own price range, with timber often being the most expensive due to its aesthetic appeal and durability. Additionally, the quality and finish of the chosen materials can also influence the cost.

    Design complexity:

    The design and complexity of the orangery impact the overall cost. Elaborate and intricate designs, such as custom shapes, unique architectural features, or complex structural elements, require more time, expertise, and resources to build, resulting in higher costs.


    The type and quality of glazing used in the orangery play a role in the cost. Different glazing options, such as double-glazed or triple-glazed windows, affect the overall energy efficiency and insulation properties of the orangery. Higher-quality glazing tends to be more expensive but offers better thermal performance.

    Foundations and base construction:

    The type and condition of the ground where the orangery will be built can affect the cost. If extensive groundwork or foundation preparation is required, such as dealing with uneven terrain or poor soil conditions, it can increase the overall cost of the project.

    Additional features:

    Additional features such as heating, ventilation, lighting, or electrical installations can add to the overall cost of the orangery. These features should be considered during the planning phase to ensure they align with the desired budget.


    The geographical location where the orangery is constructed can influence the cost due to variations in labor and material costs specific to that area. Local building regulations and permits may also impact the overall expenses.

    It’s important to note that the cost of an orangery can vary significantly depending on these factors, as well as the chosen suppliers, contractors, and any additional customization or bespoke requirements. Obtaining multiple quotes from reputable orangery builders or contractors is recommended to get a clear understanding of the costs associated with your specific project.

    All of the factors above will impact how much an orangery costs you so it is important to factor these in.  Labour costs can tot up quickly which is why you should use a reputable firm to supply and install your orangery. Your quotation will include a full break down of costs from product cost to installation costs.

    Whilst an orangery can be an expensive investment, it can also increase the value of your property more than the initial cost, so bear that in mind.

    Both orangeries and conservatories can increase the value of your home, but, with the additional structural features that an orangery can bring with a central roof lantern on a flat roof, orangeries can generally add more value to your property.

    Orangeries tend to be more expensive than a similarly sized conservatory, but depending on the options chosen for framing and glazing, orangery costs can still be very reasonable. Our structures are of the highest quality, incorporating modern design features such as multi-point locking and adjustable hardware while retaining the clean and traditional aesthetic which can only be achieved with timber. Our orangeries can start from £10,000, but this cost is highly dependent on the specification required.

    We can give you a free, no-obligation quote based on your specifications. Fill out our enquiry form to get a quote, alternatively give us a call on 0333 335 5051 to speak to a member of the team.

    Is an orangery cheaper than an extension?

    Technically the word “extension” can refer to any structure used to increase living space, this could be a brick extension, conservatory, orangery or integrated garden room. So by definition, an orangery IS an extension, the price comparison for any extension is really dependent on the materials used for construction as well as all of the elements above including planning, styling, design, installs & more.

    Typically a conservatory extension will be cheaper than an orangery extension (on average, based on standard materials used – UPVC vs Hardwood).


    Why does an Orangery cost more than a conservatory?

    In general orangery prices are higher because of the construction & materials involved. Whereas conservatories are generally pop up UPVC frames with double glazing units, Orangeries are a mixture of brick walls / brick base with hardwood windows, a flat roof and central roof lantern. The structural requirements for an orangery are also more complex with a flat roof and central roof lantern, meaning that there are more building regulations to adhere to.


    What Size Orangery Should You Choose?

    The golden question that many ask when considering a new home extension. Given the average cost associated with an Orangery / Conservatory or Garden Room, it is essential to understand how much space you actually need.

    Too much space will inevitably cost you more money and could potentially impact on available ground-space outside making your extension disproportionate to your property. Too small a space and you’ll find your extra space requirements unaccommodated (false economy).

    If you are considering a home extension then budget should come first – your budget will dictate the size of orangery or conservatory you can opt for, that and styling features.

    How would you use an Orangery & the extra space?

    First, ascertain your needs, are you looking to extend your property because you need to? or because you want to? what will this extra space be used for? storage? living space? an extension of an existing room i.e. Living Room or Kitchen? and what will you facilitate inside?

    Making an inventory is a great way to evaluate just how much space is needed, this way you can obtain a realistic Orangery quote based on measurements planned out beforehand.


    The Golden Ratio Calculation

    Within the architect / property development industries exists a ratio which can be applied to any size calculation for aesthetically pleasing dimensions. By using this ratio, you can calculate the dimensions required to the perfect size of Orangery. This ratio is 1:1.168, using this ratio you can maintain an aesthetically pleasing size for your Orangery. I.e. if your house width is 30 ft then using this ratio your Orangery would be 18.5ft in width.

    Our quotes are quick and easy to obtain. We generally require a specification which may include:

    Our quotes are quick and easy to obtain, we generally require a specification which may include
    Proposed orangery dimensions “L x W x H”
    Choice of materials, colours etc.
    Roof Style
    General styling and design features such as door panels, glazing bars etc.

    There are a wide range of styling options and architectural features available, so the more information that is provided, the more accurate the quotation will be, however we will generally talk through your requirements over the phone and can offer guidance as to the best options to suit your existing property.

    Why “Cheap” is a risk to quality

    Cheaper structures generally carry the risk of poorer quality. This can include cheaper and less durable materials; a poor fit between components, leaving unsightly gaps; poor-quality, non-adjustable hardware leading to excessive problems such as doors and windows sticking and failing to operate properly; a poor quality, hand-brushed paint finish and more.

    Joinery or framing which is cheaper at first can also be a false economy. Cheaper frames (including aluminium and PVC materials) will generally need more maintenance, and need replacing sooner than our high-quality hardwood joinery, which will cost more when viewed over the lifetime of the building.

    A cheaper structure will also not add as much to your property value, and structures and designs which are unsympathetic to your existing home style can negatively impact the value of your home. For instance, many people are put off by PVC windows and conservatories on older houses where they are not in keeping with the general aesthetic. Orangeries UK provide only high-quality, premium products which, while initially more costly than alternatives like PVC, are well worth the investment when viewed in the longer term.

    Orangery Extension Prices

    Orangery prices are dependent on the size, configuration, features and styling. Orangery prices can range from £7995 to £100,000+. Small timber framed orangeries are generally the cheapest whilst larger orangery extensions will typically range from £20,000 onwards. The average cost of Orangeries ranges between £20,000 and £50,0000, again this is all down to a number of factors.

    People deciding between a conservatory or an orangery should take note of the price differences due to the roof and overall structure. Conservatories in wood tend to be cheaper due to the pitched roof whereas an Orangery will also require a roof lantern. If you would like more information on our orangery prices or to find out more about the average costs then don’t hesitate to give us a call.

    Author:  Daniel Foley Carter


    Daniel Foley Carter has 10 years experience in the joinery and wood fabrication sector. Daniel has written for major publications such as House and Home, Timber Weekly and Construction UK. Daniel has worked with a large number of construction and wood work projects and has extensive experience with wood properties, wood selection and the utilisation of wood in home extensions and construction.


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