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Design Considerations

Everything you need to consider when designing your orangery, including style, shape and size.

Design Considerations

Design considerations are an important part in deciding on conservatory / orangery style / shape / size etc.

When deciding between a conservatory or orangery many things come to mind including cost, style and other attributes. Choosing between an Orangery and Conservatory is usually the first stage for many consumers, however, following this there are other things to consider such as

Design is a vital part of any decision making, choosing the layout, floor plan, roof style, materials, architecture and other features. There are lots of typical styles such as Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian and Elizabethan, these carry their own style attributes such as wood colour and frame achitecture. When considering a design you may factor in things such as existing window and door frame colours / style to ensure your new structure remains in line with your property style. With Orangeries UK we can customise every aspect of your conservatory or orangery to ensure that the design fits your property and your preference.

What will be the purpose of your orangery or conservatory? is it going to be a property extension, living room extension? kitchen extension? an office, playroom or just extended living space? your purpose may influence various other aspects such as the placement of the Orangery / Conservatory, roof lantern type, floor plan etc.

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More About Our Design Considerations

Conservatory / Orangery Dimensions & Floor Plan

Its common for people to over estimate or under estimate on the size of the extension, it is recommended that accurate measurements are carried out and that various things are taken into consideration such as existing building flow (how will the Orangery / Conservatory) fit onto the property and will it impact / impinge on existing space / property accessibility.

Conservatory / Orangery Location and Placement

Where will your property extension be located? it’s important that many different things are taken into consideration when having a conservatory or orangery added onto a property. Placement can mean the difference between lots of sunlight and poor light depending on the location the structure is placed and if anything can or will obscure sunlight etc.

Property Consistency

It’s important that your conservatory or orangery fits your properties style profile, having a structure that doesn’t match can impact on the properties aesthetics. It’s important to remember things such as doors and windows also add style to a property, keeping a conservatory or orangery in line with this is important and should be a style consideration.

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