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A wood conservatory adds a traditional look and feel to all properties, making it the perfect extension to your home.

Wood Conservatories

Wooden Conservatories & Wood Frame Kits Prices from £7995

A wood conservatory makes an excellent addition to almost any home. Whether you are looking for a warmer place to keep your plants in the winter, a dining room or kitchen extension, or maybe just a quiet place to read and soak in the views of your garden, a wooden conservatory is an excellent choice. If you are thinking of building a wooden conservatory we supply easy to install kits. We also design & manufacture wooden Orangeries.

Bespoke Wood Conservatories & Kits

Extend your home with one of our wooden conservatories

Whether you are extending your home for extra living room space, extra kitchen space or for general extra space we can help. Choose one of our wood conservatories made from a choice of oak / timber hardwoods. All of our conservatories are made in our UK joinery using premium quality treated hardwoods. Make a statement about your home, add a traditional look and feel or style your conservatory to match your property theme.

  • Made to measure
  • Lean to, P-Shaped, Gable fronted options
  • Designed to your specifications
  • High Quality Hardwood (FSC Accredited)
  • Curved Glazing Bars & Decorative Features
  • Bespoke Framework Style & Design
  • Hundreds of Colours & Wood Stains
  • Beautiful Architectural Features
  • High Quality Security Features & Multipoint Locks
  • Single, Double & Triple Glazing Options
  • Pilkington Activ Self Cleaning Glass
  • Superb Thermal Efficiency
  • Short Lead Times from Design to Manufacture
  • Comes As A Complete Kit (We can install on request)
  • Treated & Refined Oak (ROT / Mould Resistant)

Conservatory Design ConsiderationsDo you need planning permission for a Conservatory

Wood Conservatory Gallery

Below are some of our wood conservatories.

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Prices / Costs

Our wood conservatories start from £7995, the price is dependent on the size, style and framework of your conservatory along with other features. We provide free no obligation quotes based on specification. We price our products competitively however we always ensure quality comes first.

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Trade & Kits

As we manufacture all of our conservatory kits, we can supply oak and timber frame conservatory kits to trade for builders, property developers, installers, architects, renovators and more. Our wood conservatory kits are easy to assemble and come with detailed instructions for quick setup, even for DIY novices.

We can also supply conservatory kits in bulk for various projects.

Trade Orangeries

Timber Orangery Colours & Wood Stains

Below are just some of the colour options we offer, we offer a complete range of colours including a colour matching service.

Mid Oak
Mid Oak
Idigbo Stains
Medium Oak
Mid Oak
Sapele Stains
Medium Oak
Mid Oak
Opaque Colours
Powder Blue
Sea Green

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    Conservatory Shapes, Styles and Sizes

    If you are looking for a bespoke hardwood conservatory then look no further. We make all of our conservatories from scratch, which allows you to customise the shape, size, height, roof lantern options and much more.

    More About Our Wood Conservatory

    Benefits of Wooden Conservatories

    Our attractive wooden conservatories aren’t just fantastic in nice weather though, they can be used all year through as a friendly reception room, or a dining room for the whole family to gather! They really are a great way to add extra space to your home, whether you’re looking at new build, or just renovating.

    The Choice is Yours… Whether you prefer a contemporary or old-style conservatory, we cater for all tastes! After all, customer choice is key, so we provide a comprehensive range of options to cater to your requirements. From composition and furnishings, to the finish and glazing, you can have your say on how one of our wooden conservatories will look in your home.

    Conservatories are often thought of as an “occasional space” – only really suitable for use when it isn’t too cold or sunny, but with modern conservatory designs and glass technology this is no longer the case. Our wooden conservatories can incorporate automatically or manually opening roof vents situated at the top of the glass roof pitch which allow hot air to escape in the summer.

    Heat Management & Solar Glass Options

    For Southern elevations or areas which get particularly hot, it’s also possible to use a “solar control” coating on the glass which significantly reduces the heat gain from the sun. For night time and the winter, all our glass is double-glazed, argon filled and with a heat-reflective coating which guards against heat loss and has the added ecological benefit of reducing your heating and energy bills. For colder climes, triple-glazing is also an option and will typically reduce heat loss through the glass by 20% or more even over our modern double-glazing.

    What Types of Wooden Conservatories Do We Sell?

    When it comes to choosing a material for your conservatory, we only manufacture in Hardwood. Conservatories look best when they take the character of your home into account in their design and colour.

    Wood Conservatory Prices

    So, how much does a wood conservatory cost?

    Prices for small-sized hardwood Orangeries (supply only) start at: £5000-£6000
    Prices for medium-sized hardwood Orangeries (supply only) start at: £12,000
    Prices for Large-sized hardwood Orangeries (supply only) start at: £18,000

    Price is also another important consideration. uPVC conservatories tend to be the cheapest, whereas aluminium and timber conservatories cost more, and are often around the same price as each other.

    Conservatory Costs

    Advantages of a Wooden Conservatory

    uPVC breaks down in sunlight. This is a slow process, but after 10 or 20 years the plastic will have become brittle and yellowed. There are products available to combat the yellowing of uPVC but the actual plastic breaks down over time and the frames will begin to look old and tired. Aluminium windows and conservatories are spray painted with solvent paints before the sections are assembled into windows, doors and conservatories. These paints give a smooth, flat finish, but when the paint becomes damaged or tired-looking it is very difficult to repair or maintain the finish.

    How Much Maintenance is Involved?

    Wooden conservatories do require more maintenance than uPVC or Aluminium conservatories, but perhaps not as much as you might think. For a white painted conservatory, with the proper basic cleaning which is necessary with all conservatory types, the expected period between repainting is around seven years. Even after this time, all that is required is a light sand to “key in” the surface, and then a single coat of paint – there is no need to sand the paint down to bare timber. With proper maintenance, a wooden conservatory can be expected to last many decades – much longer than most aluminium and plastic conservatories.

    An Ecological Choice of Conservatory

    Wooden conservatories are also the most ecological choice. Wooden conservatories obviously necessitate the cutting down of trees, which may at first seem bad for the environment, but since all our timber is from sustainable sources it’s actually quite the opposite. As we all know, using energy from fossil fuels releases Carbon Dioxide – a harmful “greenhouse gas” which contributes to global warming.

    Trees take in Carbon Dioxide and store the Carbon in their wood as they are growing. When you use wood for furniture, building materials or the like, you are actually “locking away” this Carbon within the timber where it cannot harm the environment. Because our timber is from managed forests, this also means that there are none of the associated effects of deforestation which may otherwise be a factor.

    Aluminium and plastic conservatories both require mining of materials (ore for aluminium or oil for uPVC) and extensive, energy-intensive processing which releases large amounts of harmful Carbon Dioxide into the environment. If your conservatory ever does need replacing, then the timber is completely recyclable and biodegradable too.

    Why Not Get in Touch?

    Adding a conservatory to your home needn’t be a lengthy and complicated process. Not all conservatories require planning permission and in these situations the process can be relatively swift. We are always happy to advise on whether a conservatory will need planning consent, and on any other aspects of the process of extending your home with a wooden conservatory. What’s more, we offer numerous other conservatories made from various materials, such as oak, timber, pine, as well as hardwood conservatories, wooden lean to conservatories amongst many more.

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