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Victorian Conservatories

The Victorian conservatory is the most popular period conservatory, providing a beautiful extension to any home.

Victorian Conservatory

Timeless Victorian Style That Complements Your Property

Probably the most popular conservatory type, Victorian designs ooze style, charm and look great in any garden. Whether you have a new build or a character cottage, a Victorian conservatory provides a functional room to live in and an excellent way to add value to your property.

We specialise in Victorian style and work with many customers to design and build a stunning conservatory that embodies all we love about one of the most fascinating historical periods.

With a team of expert designers, we’re confident that your bespoke Victorian conservatory will give you the space you need while doubling as an ornate feature.

What Makes Victorian Conservatories Special?

Victorian conservatories are popular because of their design. The combination of aesthetics and functionality is one of the reasons they’ve lasted for so long and continue to be the number one choice for homeowners.

Bay Windows

You’ll notice that Victorian conservatories often have a front bay window, with further windows around the sides of the frame. These are perfect for British gardens because the windows let a lot of light in, so your conservatory can be a welcoming place to relax in the winter.

Glass Roof

The glass roof on a Victorian conservatory allows for more natural light to stream through, and the room can retain more heat. You’ll often notice ornate detailing on the roof frame, which keeps in line with traditional Victorian style.

While our Victorian conservatories follow the popular style theme, advances in technology mean we can use cheaper and more sustainable materials. You can get all of the period beauty without the extra cost.

Why Choose a Victorian Style Conservatory?
Wonderful Views

Victorian conservatories are defined by their unique layout. With multifaceted windows, you’ll have an incredible view of your garden.

Adds Character

Character is so important to home buyers, and many will pay extra if a home has an ornate appeal. Because Victorian conservatory design is all about creating a functional yet delicate space, your property will immediately attract more interest.

Even new builds can be more appealing with the addition of a Victorian-style conservatory.

Creates Space

You’d think that adding a conservatory to your property would reduce space, but the unique Victoria design means it often feels like you have a more generous living area. High roofs and panoramic views offer an airy feel to your conservatory, and you can enjoy the lightness all year round.

Are You Ready to Build Something Special?

With so many options to choose between, we get that choosing a Victorian conservatory can be difficult. Our friendly team are always on hand to offer support, advice and work with you to select suitable materials for your needs.

We’ve worked on a range of exciting projects before and know that everything from the type of glass you choose to those ornate roof details contributes to the overall feel of your conservatory.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a free consultation and quote. We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs and budget.

We Make & Supply Bespoke Victorian Conservatories

Made in our UK joinery from just £7995

Extend your home or add extra living space with a bespoke, victorian conservatory. Make a statement about your home with one of our beautiful hardwood conservatories, constructed using the finest quality timbers / hardwoods using expert CNC machining and hand finished touches from our joinery team.

  • Made to measure Victorian Conservatories
  • Range of Hardwoods including Timber, Oak and Pine
  • Decorative Curved Glazing Bars & Gothic Arched Glazing Bars
  • Intricately Leaded Glass
  • Wide Range of Colours & Wood Stains
  • Complex Architectural Features
  • Multipoint Locking Systems
  • Angled Bay Windows (Option)
  • Single, Double & Triple Glazing Options
  • Pilkington Activ Self Cleaning Glass
  • Superb Thermal Efficiency
  • Fast Conservatory Lead Times
  • We Can Supply & Install Or Supply Self Build Kits

Conservatory Design ConsiderationsDo you need planning permission for a Conservatory

Victorian Gallery

Below are some of our bespoke conservatories.

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Cost of Victorian Conservatories

Get a free quotation for the price of a victorian conservatory made to your specifications. Our prices start from just £7995, however, size, layout, style and other features can alter the price, so as our products are made to spec, we have no specific price list. Please contact us for your FREE quotation.

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Trade & Kits

Trade & Kits

Our timber conservatory kits come ready for self assembly. Thanks to our design and instructions, timber framed conservatories can be erected quickly and without expertise in conservatories or conservatory structures. Thanks to our straightforward click and connect framework our conservatories can be setup quickly. We provide kits at trade prices when ordered in bulk or ordered through repeat business. We supply to property developers, home builders, renovators, architects and more, so if you have a trade / kit query please get in contact with us to see how we can help.

We can also supply conservatory kits in bulk for various projects.

Trade Orangeries

Trade Orangeries

Timber Orangery Colours & Wood Stains

Below are just some of the colour options we offer, we offer a complete range of colours including a colour matching service.

Mid Oak
Mid Oak
Idigbo Stains
Medium Oak
Mid Oak
Sapele Stains
Medium Oak
Mid Oak
Opaque Colours
Powder Blue
Sea Green

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    Conservatory Shapes, Styles and Sizes

    If you are looking for a bespoke hardwood, Victoria lean to conservatory, then look no further. We make all of our Victorian conservatory styles from scratch, which allows you to customise the shape, size, height, roof lantern options and much more.

    Orangeries UK manufacture bespoke Victorian lean to conservatories with prices starting from £7995. Our dedicated joinery workshop uses the highest quality hardwoods at an affordable price, during the conservatory manufacturing process.

    More About Our Victorian Conservatory

    The History of Victorian Conservatories

    Queen Victoria reigned from 1837 until 1901, and with such a long reign the Victorian architecture period actually covers a range of styles. Generally, the architecture of this period borrowed many of its features from a mixture of historic styles along with Middle-Eastern and Asian influences. The start of the Victorian era roughly coincided with the production in the UK of cylinder blown sheet glass in 1832. This was a manufacturing method which allowed the production of sheets of glass which were larger and of better quality than those produced with previous methods. Glass manufacturing was further advanced in 1848 with the cast plate method of production which again increased size and quality whilst lowering the cost of glass.

    The repeal of a glass tax in the UK in 1845 along with technical advances which made steel viable as a building material led to the construction of The Crystal Palace in London during the Great Exhibition of 1851. The Crystal Palace was the largest glass building that had ever been produced at the time, and astonished visitors with its clear walls and ceilings and impressive size. It was this incredible building which kick-started the trend for glass architecture in public, horticultural and domestic buildings.

    Characteristics of Victorian conservatory

    A Victorian style conservatory may feature design elements like gothic arched glazing bars, decorative roof crestings and finials, intricately leaded glass, large decorative pillars or other architectural flourishes.

    There is no set layout for a Victorian conservatory, however one of the things which gained popularity in the early era was angled bay windows – a window which protrudes to the outside of a building with three sections of window at 45 degree angles to one another to create extra internal space and natural lighting.

    This style design carries over to what may commonly be thought of as a Victorian style conservatory today – the front of the building has this same “bay style” layout with 45 degree angled frames, and a roof which follows the same shape, with hips and rafters meeting at a central point and adjoining a common ridge.

    This design feature may be on the end of a simple, largely rectangular structure, or it may be incorporated into a more complicated design. Almost any shape is possible, including “U” shaped and “X” shaped buildings with Victorian bay frontages, but more commonly seen are “P” and “T” shaped buildings where the main body of a conservatory is of a “Lean-to” design adjoining a house wall, with a further protruding section at one end or in the centre of the building.

    Buying a Victorian lean to conservatory from Orangeries UK

    When you purchase a Victorian lean to conservatory from Orangeries UK, you are purchasing the most popular style of conservatory. A Victorian conservatory is highly versatile, yet maintains a classical appearance, whilst continuing to meet building regulations.

    An investment in a Victorian lean to conservatory for your home, will be the best decision you made towards enhancing your home.

    From initial consultation through to installation, the Orangeries UK team will work with you to ensure that your Victorian conservatory is designed to meet building regulations and it will be installed taking into account all security precautions. We even take care of planning permission for you.

    The friendly Orangeries UK sales team are ready and waiting to take your call, and will guide you through the whole process, ensuring that your experience of purchasing a high security Victorian conservatory through Orangeries UK is plain sailing.

    Bespoke Victorian conservatory styles

    Every conservatory that is manufactured in the dedicated Orangeries UK joinery is made from the highest quality, FSC accredited hardwoods, meaning they aren’t just durable, but they’re weather proof – essential in the changeable British climate. Every Victorian conservatory comes with excellent weather resistant coatings, and all at an affordable price.

    We guarantee each of our bespoke conservatories for a minimum of 5 years, so no matter what design you opt for, your hardwood Victorian conservatory will continue to please and delight for many years to come.

    You can have your wooden Victorian conservatory finished in any stain or premium Farrow and Ball paint you desire. We offer a range of beautiful natural timber stains, ensuring that your traditional Victorian conservatory ties in with your existing property.

    Every conservatory that is manufactured in the Orangeries UK workshop has been individually designed and expertly crafted by one of our skilled craftsmen, using a combination of CNC machinery and the most traditional hand craftsmanship. So you know when you purchase your Victorian conservatory through us, you aren’t just buying a home improvement, you’re purchasing quality.

    Finally, all of the roof options for your Victorian conservatory can be custom designed to suit your tastes, from toughened glass to solid roof options, our team of designers and structural engineers can talk you through your options to guarantee you get the Victorian conservatory style you want.

    Benefits of a Victorian conservatory

    Not sure if a Victorian conservatory is the conservatory style for you? Think again.

    • Unparalleled panoramic views of your garden or the vista your conservatory looks out onto.
    • Ornate styling and eye catching building designs.
    • Suitable for any property from older buildings to newer builds.
    • Increase the footprint of your home considerably.
    • Cost effective addition.
    • Great thermal performance quality.
    • High security with toughened glass.

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