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Unique Conservatory Interior Design Ideas

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Date : April 8, 2024

Conservatories are the perfect way to create extra living space, enjoy views of your outdoor space, and inject natural light into your property. They’re affordable, add value to your home, and can serve as a retreat from the stresses of daily life.

Despite their popularity, conservatories rarely feature in interior design magazines, leaving many homeowners wondering how to make the extra space their own. We’re about to change that with some awe-inspiring conservatory interior ideas.

Whether you want to make a statement or turn the room into an entertainment space, these ideas will turn a basic conservatory into the go-to place in your home.

Popular conservatory types

Conservatories are available in an array of shapes, materials and finishes, making it easy for anyone to choose a design that suits their home. The most popular conservatory styles include:

  • Edwardian: These conservatories are ideal for both period and modern properties, with distinctive lines and intricate details that make an instant impression.
  • Victorian: Drawing from Victorian architecture, these conservatories are known for ornate features and segmented, octagonal roofs. They’re most popular in period properties.
  • Gable-Fronted: Choosing a gable-fronted conservatory gives you maximum space, making it ideal for family homes.
  • Lean-To: One of the most popular small conservatory ideas, lean-to designs can offer maximum space – even when installed in a small garden. Their contemporary edge is also suitable for new builds.
The benefits of conservatories

Adding a conservatory to your property is an investment, but you’re paying for extra living space and a better quality of life. They’re also practical solutions for increasing your property’s value and avoiding the stresses of moving home.

Connects the indoors and outdoors

Conservatories seamlessly blend your property and outdoor space, creating a transitional area. Having a garden room allows you to enjoy natural light in the colder months without sitting in the garden.

Many people find having a garden room boosts their mood during the winter, and numerous glazing options mean it’s easy to insulate the conservatory.

Property value

Looking to increase your property’s value? A modern conservatory could be the perfect solution. According to On The Market, installing a conservatory can increase your home’s value by at least 5% as it provides flexible living space.

If you plan to sell the property, the conservatory might set your property apart from others, resulting in more interest and offers.


Conservatories are for people who enjoy reading books in the sunshine – right? Yes… but they’re so much more. You can do anything with a conservatory, including creating the perfect living space, making it the entertainment hub of your home, and creating a playroom.

Some people convert the conservatory space into a home office or room for pets. Whatever you choose, the additional living area can give your family more space.

Aesthetic appeal

Whether you have a rustic property or a modern home, there’s a conservatory for you. With a selection of designs available, it’s easy to find one that blends seamlessly into your home.

The windows and frames align with all property styles, and adding a garden room could give your home more visual interest.

Conservatory interior ideas to get your creative juices flowing

You can do so much with a conservatory, so don’t be afraid to experiment. From using natural materials to choosing furniture and adding small details, these ideas will give you a beautiful living space that soon becomes your favourite room in the property.

Multifunctional conservatories

The days of set-use conservatories are fading, making way for a new design trend: multifunctional rooms. People with large conservatories can create a transitional room that adapts to different occasions.

A popular example of this is the multifunctional living and dining room design. Adding sofas and a coffee table allows for relaxation, while a dining table and chairs add functionality to the room.

If you have a small conservatory, multifunctional furniture can help you make the most of your space while still enjoying the flexibility of a customisable entertainment area.

Use timber for a natural look

The design of your conservatory defines its aesthetic appeal and sets the tone for the rest of your home. Sure, uPVC has its benefits, but timber is a natural material that adds substance to any modern and classic conservatory.

With high-quality wood types and plenty of finishes available, hardwood conservatories grab attention and maintain an upmarket aesthetic. Leaving the timber to speak for itself in your conservatory can create a beautiful living space focusing more on minimalism.

The result? Bringing nature into your conservatory’s interior and enjoying a relaxing haven.

Make a statement with conservatory furniture

In the past, traditional conservatories often used rattan furniture, and they’re still practical solutions. However, if you want to create a modern conservatory, rattan and wicker furniture often look out of place with their quintessentially British aesthetic.

There are plenty of modern conservatory furniture ideas to explore, including:

  • Modular Furniture: Versatile, contemporary and known for clean lines, modular furniture lets you customise the room to your needs and enjoy vibrant colour choices.
  • Modernised Rattan: Newer versions of rattan furniture focus on minimalism and use a neutral colour scheme.
  • Corner Sofa: Soft furnishings can add functionality to conservatory interiors and create a relaxing space.
  • Contemporary Dining: If you’re creating a dining room, adding modern chairs and a hardwood table can complement neutral colour schemes and add a touch of sophistication to the area.
Bring nature indoors

Simple, effective, and relaxing, adding greenery to your conservatory creates a year-round space to enjoy nature. Plants that thrive in sunlight can flourish in conservatories because they let natural light flow into the space, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Contemporary conservatories might be better with greenery rather than elaborate plants, as they’ll blend in with the minimalistic decor. Conservatories can also serve as greenhouses, as it’s easy to control their temperature and enjoy homegrown fruit and veg.

Don’t forget flooring ideas

Floor space isn’t just for practicality; it’s also the perfect place to make a design statement. Today’s technology means you can find various flooring finishes that elevate the conservatory’s interior and align with your preferences.

Laminate, tiles, and vinyl flooring are all customisable now, letting you choose a finish and texture that replicates natural elements. Whether you go dark or opt for a traditional wooden effect, flooring sets the tone for the rest of the interior elements.

Underfloor heating is also ideal for winter, ensuring year-round usage of the conservatory extension.

Choose a colour palette that complements the room

Combining colours with natural materials gives you the best of both worlds. However, for a streamlined finish, it’s important to align conservatory decor with the structure and other rooms in your home. Instead of filling the entire room with colours, keep it simple and focus on one wall.

Modern conservatories look best with neutral tones, while rustic designs can incorporate different colours for a quirky finish.

Use blinds for shading

Conservatories can get hot during the summer, but blinds keep the area cool and block direct sunlight from entering. Aside from their practicality, conservatory blinds are also a great way to test different patterns and designs without committing to a final aesthetic.

Whether you opt for a neutral colour palette or for window blinds with intricate patterns, they can add visual detail to the conservatory without overpowering it.

Select furnishings wisely

Interior decor turns an empty room into an inviting space, but the furnishings and other elements define its livability. When choosing soft furnishings, make sure they blend with your decor. For example, rugs and cushion covers should complement the room – not overpower it.

Coffee tables are practical items that enhance livability, and you can also add hidden storage space, which is beneficial for a kid’s playroom.

Create an adjoining space

If you want to add more space to your living area, why not remove the conservatory doors to create adjoining rooms? It’s one of the most popular conservatory interior ideas as it can create a dining or playroom that becomes part of the living room.

Conservatories without separating doors require some practical consideration, including superior windows to prevent cold air from penetrating the area. Opting for energy-efficient timber windows lets you maximise space while creating a welcoming entertainment and living area.

Ready to get creative?

As you can see, conservatories are highly customisable and seamlessly blend with various architectural styles. Adding one to your property can maximise space and increase its value, making it a wise investment for the future. 

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Author:  Daniel Foley Carter


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