"Working from home is becoming more popular, so why not work from the comfort of your own conservatory?"

At Orangeries UK, our conservatories are suitable for use as home offices. Not only can a conservatory from Orangeries UK create extra-space for a home office, it can be more beneficial than a standard room since conservatories tend to allow more natural light into the property. A bright, airy room ultimately provides a relaxing space in which to work.

In a world where many people opt to work from home, due to family commitments or the increase of online working, home office conservatories are becoming a more popular choice. Perhaps you own your own business and need a space for doing administrative work, or you may work from home a few days a week? Do you have clients visit your home? Whatever your reason for choosing a home office conservatory, Orangeries UK can create the perfect conservatory space to suit your type of work and lifestyle requirements.

A conservatory offers many benefits over a converted bedroom or study, since it provides a separate space away from the rest of the household and often provides a more pleasant and open space in which to work.

You may also decide to use your home office conservatory as a multi-functional space, and perhaps use it as an office during the day and a family room or dining area in the evening. Cupboards and storage space can provide useful places to stow away folders, files, laptops and stationary items.

Home Office Orangeries, Conservatories, Garden Offices and Garden Rooms

Of course, you may wish to create a home office garden room or orangery, rather than a conservatory, and with Orangeries UK, this is not at all a problem. We plan, manufacture and install orangeries, conservatories and garden rooms of high-quality and bespoke design.

All of our home office conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms are manufactured from prestige quality, FSC-sourced wood which means that your home office extension will be sustainable and of luxurious quality.

We offer hardwood and timber orangery, conservatory and garden room structures. Our standard wood is sapele, idigbo and oak. We generally recommend oak as the choice of wood for the ultimate in luxurious living, but also suggest that sapele and idigbo are excellent choices of wood in terms of durability, quality and aesthetics. Of course, we can meet other specifications of types of wood where required.

What’s more, similarly to all the products from Orangeries UK, our home office conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms can be wood stained or coloured to your preference. We stock a range of Farrow and Ball paints and wood stains.

We also offer a wide range of ironmongery so that you can create the perfect home office that is in-keeping with the style of the rest of your property.
In addition, we offer a range of glass panel options. We generally think that glass allows more natural light into your home office and, as a result, increases work productivity and creativity. Of course, this is completely down to personal opinion.

Whatever your opinion and however you work best, at Orangeries UK, we can design and manufacture your home office conservatory, orangery or garden room based on your unique requirements for your perfect working environment.

For more information on our home office conservatories, orangeries or garden rooms, give Orangeries UK a call on 0843 8868 552.