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Gable Fronted Orangeries

An orangery will traditionally be brick-based with large windows and a flat roof with a glass lantern.

Gable Fronted Orangeries

Our bespoke designs will add a timeless quality to your home

What is an orangery?

You may be wondering what the difference is between a gable fronted orangery and a gable conservatory. An orangery does differ from a conservatory. An orangery will traditionally be brick-based with large windows and a flat roof with a glass lantern.

A traditional orangery can be defined by a distinctive look of:

  • Large tall windows on one side
  • Stone or brick built
  • A flat roof with a central glass lantern
  • A heating source such as a stove
  • Optimal light for growing plants

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More About Our Gable Fronted Orangeries

Why choose a gable-fronted orangery?

If your looking to make some home improvements then an orangery will give your home that va va voom your looking for. Why build an extension with solid tiled roofs that block light when you can create a beautiful space filled with light. In Renaissance Italy and in Holland, the development of glass technology allowed the production of large expanses of clear glass. Because of this, large glass windows could be constructed, for the first time.

Taking advantage of large window technology, a glass roof could be built to maximise light and benefit from sunlight. In 17th century northern Europe, buildings with large windows appeared that enabled citrus fruits and exotic plants to grow protected from the winter cold.

These buildings were constructed from brick or stone and had a solid north-facing wall to protect against the cold and a stove to keep them warm. The tall windows were positioned south-facing to maximise sunlight and usually had wooden shutters to retain heat at night.

The original orangeries in the 17th century had solid roofs, but in the 19th century began to feature the central lantern to allow more light to flood in.

Although they originated as a practical means to cultivate fruits, the orangery quickly became an ornate status symbol featuring impressive architecture. Wealthy owners of grand houses and estates would delight in showing off the beautiful architecture and the collection of exotic plants they owned.

How our orangeries elevate your home

Mimicking the brickwork of your home in a modern version of classic orangery design gives the impression it has been an ever-present feature of the building.

For an orangery to be successfully incorporated into your home it needs to complement the property and the brickwork chosen plays a pivotal role in helping you succeed in doing this. Our aim is to make your gable front orangery look like its been there from day one, eventhough its newly installed. Because of the elevated roof, a feature that’s so synonymous with the Gable offering, the decorative detailing at its very apex really stands out and captures the attention of those observing it from the outside.

This roofing system is specifically designed to prevent the extension from overheating or reaching a temperature that makes it too cold to enjoy in the winter. It is further assisted by the top opening windows and French doors that you can open onto your garden in the summer.

The benefits of an orangery extension

Many of our customers come to us because they know the aesthetic and lifestyle benefits of an orangery, but there are plenty of other benefits.

Added Value

If you watch house hunting shows, you’ll know that character homes are eternally popular. An orangery garden room can be an office, dining area, second living room year-round. It’s only natural that buyers look favourably upon these additions and pay more for homes with orangeries.

Energy Efficiency

It’s no secret that heating your property can create a significant dent in your wallet, but the orangery design features large glass windows and a roof lantern. Both of these elements attract light and retain heat, so during the winter months, you’ll find you’ll need to use less heat.

Lighten Up Your Property

When natural light floods into a property, it brightens up your home and can improve your mood. For many people, winter is a difficult season to handle, but with large windows and a roof lantern, you can use your orangery as living space through the colder months.

Traditional Style, Maximum Security

When it comes to our orangeries, you can have both beautiful traditional designs and security. We understand that securing your home is probably top of your priority list, which is why we always make sure our garden houses are built to withstand the weather – and intruders.

We build everything from the frame to windows, door and roof with security in mind – but never compromise on style.

Bespoke designs from our team of specialists

We understand that you want your orangery extension to suit the rest of your property and enhance its aesthetics, which is why our orangeries are designed to meet your requirements.

Our team of dedicated specialists will work with you to choose the suitable materials, layout and other elements that take a standard orangery and turn it into a stunning living space.

Our process is simple:


Get in touch with us to discuss your preferences, and we’ll offer ideas on materials, window types and every other design element we can offer.


Once we agree on a final design and you give us the go-ahead, we’ll build your orangery. While we never rush a project, our team of construction specialists can work to strict timelines and will cause minimal disruption to your daily life.


Once we finish construction, you can enjoy your new living space and make the most of the better lifestyle it will offer your family.

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If you’d like to find out about our range of orangery designs, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team. We aim to provide the most cost-effective solution for your budget and can talk you through our design and material choices.

If you’d like to enjoy a better lifestyle and have a room that attracts natural light and heat year-round, please get in touch today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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