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What not to keep in Your Conservatory

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Date : September 4, 2015
“The things you should avoid keeping inside your conservatory”

At Orangeries UK, our conservatories offer excellent thermal efficiency. That said, conservatories are made of glass and therefore, although there are ways in which you can keep your conservatory cool in warmer months and warmer in winter months (such as good ventilation, blinds and radiators), a conservatory is ultimately affected by the amount of sunlight that enters it. In summer particularly, there can be problems associated with heat. Here are 5 things that you shouldn’t keep in your conservatory:


Sounds obvious, but we’re pretty sure there has been news reports in the past about people keeping rabbits, dog cages and dog beds in their conservatory. Not only is this potential life-threatening to animals, pets will be much happier if they are kept in more comfortable conditions. Although pets are free to move around into other rooms from a pet bed, it seems like a much better idea to base their bed in a fully-walled room to avoid them getting too warm in summer and too cool in winter.


Although most people will keep their bicycle in the garage, there are some of us that rest it in the house, particularly if it is used for commuting to work each day or a daily training ride. Leaving a bike in the heat though, when a conservatory gets warm, can have a negative effect on the tyres. Ultimately, the tyre could burst or simply get weaker and weaker over time. What’s more, when taken out a bike can get muddy or dirty and leave unwelcome track marks in your luxury conservatory.

Food Items

Food items should definitely be left in the kitchen. This is particularly relevant if your conservatory is attached to your kitchen as it may be tempting to use the extra-storage space for food items. We recommend that food items aren’t stored in a conservatory though and, in summer, shouldn’t be left out for too long.


When wine is stored in a warm place, it matures more quickly. Therefore, although a wine rack can make a conservatory look vintage and well-styled, wine is much better left stored in the wine cellar or the kitchen.


Most people will house some sort of electrical equipment in their conservatory, such as a television, lamp or stereo. We recommend that you ensure you have sound electrical equipment installed in your conservatory that, if possible, is not too expensive to purchase but good quality. Poor quality or damaged electrical equipment may be at risk of catching fire, while you may be disheartened if you spend a large amount of money on electrical goods and their functioning is affected by the heat.

With a stereo or radio, for example, it may be a good idea to have speakers located in your conservatory and the stereo system kept in an alternate room. This will keep the music the same throughout the house and means that the stereo is less likely to be affected by the temperature of the room.

What’s more, plug sockets should be located in the most shaded part of the conservatory.
At Orangeries UK, our conservatories offer excellent thermal efficiency, to ask for advice or enquire about a conservatory or orangery, call us on 0843 8868 552.

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