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Tips on Cooling Your Orangery

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Date : June 30, 2015
“Orangeries can act like Greenhouses, trapping heat, here are some cooling options.”

Last week, Orangeries UK considered the best ways to heat your orangery. This week though we are going to consider the very opposite, and explore how we can cool an orangery down!

Although most people worry more about heating their orangery in the UK, rather than cooling it down (we’re not always blessed with glorious warm sunshine of course!), nobody will able to chill out and relax in a room that leaves them hot, bothered, sweaty and flustered.

5 Ways to Keep Your Orangery Cool in Summer

Consider the following five ways that can cool down your orangery to make it more comfortable during the summer months:


Although most people will be under the impression that blinds trap heat inside an orangery, in actual fact, blinds can also keep the heat out.
In addition, it is possible to have an individual blind built into the frame of each window so that you can customise how much sunlight and heat enters your orangery.
Because the windows of an orangery tend to vary in shape and size, it is generally recommended to get an expert in to help you when choosing, fitting and installing your new blinds. They will be able to advise you of the best material, shape and mechanical workings for your blinds, to suit your particular requirements.

A Fan

A fan seems like a fairly obvious choice of cooling down a room, but many people often forget the simple fixes!
You could use a temporary fan during the summer months as a cheaper option for cooling your conservatory. Or, as a more permanent solution, you could have a ceiling fan installed. Ceiling fans can be bought as an attachment to a light bulb or lamp, therefore it can be easily operated using your lighting controls.

A Heat Reduction Film

A heat reduction film is a popular alternative to blinds. A heat reduction film is applied to the orangery roof in order to reduce the amount of the heat and light that enters the room.

Good Ventilation Levels

Windows and doors can allow more air to flow into your orangery and, as a result, keep the room at a comfortable, cooler temperature.
Ensuring good ventilation through your orangery’s windows and doors is a cheaper method of cooling your conservatory.
However, if you wanted to make am investment into having good ventilation in your orangery, roof vents can ensure extra air is let into the room and are a very effective method of cooling.

That said, having a roof vent installed adds an element of risk since it creates another point in the roof that could be susceptible to leaking. What’s more, in winter month’s moisture levels in your orangery could increase.

Ultimately, if you are planning to have roof vents installed, you should ensure you purchase them from a high-quality supplier and fitter. Once installed and put to good use, you should ensure you regularly check your roof vents for any moisture, damage or weak points.

Air Conditioning

The main advantage of using air conditioning in your orangery is the fact that it can be used during the summer and the winter months to ensure your orangery remains at a comfortable temperature, no matter what time of year it is.

In addition, air conditioning can reduce humidity and also improves air quality, since it allows the air to circulate. Most air conditioning systems have air-purifying filtration systems to reduce bacteria, dust, house mites and pollen, keeping the room fresher and healthier.

What’s more, having air conditioning allows you to close your windows and doors and will, ultimately, improve the security of your home as well as preventing unwanted insects.

Finally, although air conditioning is thought of as the most expensive option to cool a property, modern air conditioning systems use highly efficient technology that uses up to 80% less power than electric heating.

For more information about cooling your orangery, call Orangeries UK on 0333 335 5051.

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