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House Extension Ideas and Examples

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Date : October 10, 2015
“Home extensions are perfect for increasing your living space and adding property value.”

Many people are looking to improve their homes with an extension of some kind in order to add space, value and, of course, a luxury element to their property. Whether you are looking for a kitchen extension, a relaxing garden summer house or more space in your lounge, Orangeries UK offer a number of bespoke hardwood conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms that make great extension ideas for your home.

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Extension Idea 1: A Timber Orangery or Conservatory for a Kitchen/Diner with Multiple Roof Lanterns.

At Orangeries UK, our timber orangeries and conservatories are made with high-quality timber and consist of timber window frames and doors, as well as a flat roof with a separate timber glazed roof lantern set into it.

One of the extension ideas we recommend for a timber orangery or conservatory is a combined kitchen and dining room that features a roof lantern above your dining table and also above your kitchen workspace. This will undoubtedly allow more natural light into your kitchen diner and make for a more spacious feel to the extension. An extension idea like this will certainly impress any dinner guests you have to visit too!

The fact that the roof is separate from the rest of the orangery or conservatory frame is a speciality extension idea from Orangeries UK. Instead of being stuck with a fixed roof, you are able to choose a bespoke roof lantern (or two!) to keep in style with your new orangery or conservatory.

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Extension Idea 2: A Hardwood Orangery or Conservatory for a Larger, More Substantial Extension.

The hardwood orangeries from Orangeries UK have a traditional aesthetic and are actually built how orangeries were originally built.
Hardwood orangeries and conservatories are a great ideas for larger extensions. This is because the strength of hardwood allows for a conservatory or orangery with a large frame.

At Orangeries UK, we particularly recommend hardwood orangeries and conservatories as an extension idea for listed properties, traditional properties, country houses, manors and large detached houses. That said, a hardwood orangery or conservatory can also work well in more modern homes.

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Extension Idea 3: A Modern Orangery from Orangeries UK.

By a modern orangery extension idea, we actually mean an orangery that is completely unique to your property’s style and what you are looking for. A modern Orangery can be more contemporary or more traditional.

For a newly built, modern home we generally recommend a bright, open and well-lit orangery (probably featuring a large contemporary roof lantern!), while country properties and listed buildings may opt for a more traditional hardwood orangery.

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Extension Idea 4: Pine Conservatory

Elegant and versatile, a pine conservatory is a great extension idea if durability isn’t at the top of your priorities list.
At Orangeries UK, we recommend a pine conservatory where hardwood is thought to be too expensive. This is because pine is an inexpensive material for a conservatory or orangery, of much higher quality than PVC. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to pine – but in general it’s a popular material for conservatories.

Pine conservatories and orangeries are great extension ideas for those that really want a conservatory or orangery but don’t want to pay for a hardwood extension.

For more information on extension ideas or to discuss any extension ideas you may already have, contact Orangeries UK on 0333 335 5051.

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