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Three Reasons as to Why You May Want a Conservatory or Orangery Extension

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Date : July 1, 2015
“Three Top Reasons as to Why You May Want a Conservatory or Orangery Extension”

There really are a number of benefits in regards to having a glass orangery or conservatory extended onto your home. Although we are all aware, and therefore often simply assume, that orangeries and conservatories are great additional features to a property, it is useful to consider the exact benefits and advantages of having an orangery or conservatory extension.

1. Orangeries and conservatories can add value to your property.

As well as the added benefit of extra living space associated with having a glass orangery or conservatory extension, orangeries and conservatories can add value to your property when you come to put it on the market. This means that an orangery or conservatory is generally a good financial investment since, potentially, it can help you earn more money for your property.

2. Orangeries and conservatories can provide you with an improved lifestyle in the home.

An orangery or conservatory can provide extra space, more natural light and, perhaps even, a more open plan feel. An orangey or conservatory can help to create a more calming, spacious environment which allows plenty of natural light to flood in.
It is often said that natural light helps to reduce stress levels and enhance productivity, therefore an orangery or conservatory can be a great place to concentrate in, perhaps for your own studies or relaxation, as well as providing the perfect place for your children to do their homework.

In addition, when kept clean and tidy (and not filled with even more home bargains!), having the extra space of a conservatory or orangery in the home creates a more modern, airy and healthy feel (and there is space for more guests too!).

 3. Orangeries and conservatories can help you conserve energy in the home.

This is an interesting comment as the amount of energy you save depends on the heating system you use in your home, your ventilation system and how much you use the light switches!

That said, orangeries and conservatories do allow more natural light into the home which ultimately requires you to use less artificial light and, as a result, you save on the electricity bills!

A wet underfloor heating system helps conserve energy too, since it uses little energy once it is heated. Heat mats and radiators, however, don’t conserve as much energy.

Vents, windows and doors require little energy, but if you opt for an air conditioning system you should be prepared for a greater cost.

These three reasons are not the only reasons as to why orangeries and conservatories are a great addition to your home, but are benefits to consider when thinking about investing in a glass orangery or conservatory extension.
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