"Many people feel that having an orangery extension added to their home adds a touch of luxury, as well as extra space to the property."

Many people feel that having an orangery extension added to their home adds a touch of luxury, as well as extra space to the property.

While a few people opt for a play area or gym, many people decide that their orangery will be a lounge or kitchen extension. But what are the benefits of having a lounge or kitchen orangery extension? Orangeries UK would like to help you decide between the two options.

The Benefits of an Orangery Extension on Your Lounge
An orangery makes a relaxing, spacious lounge area and can really have an upper class aesthetic look. What’s more, it means you can choose some lovely furniture that is in-keeping with the rest of the property and really enjoy the extra-space you have to add personal touches to your lounge.

You may even decide to make your lounge into a home-cinema style room. With the choice of more space, you can invite more people around to your house and perhaps have social TV dinner nights, or you may simply decide to kick back and relax alone in your new open space.

Have you got children? Sometimes, simply having the extra space (to run away to!) can help you feel more calm and less stressed. The children will have more space for books, board games and, perhaps, their own TV for playing video games on (as long as they don’t play on it too much, otherwise you may cause more problems than you bargained for!).

The Benefits of an Orangery Extension on Your Kitchen
I don’t know about you, but at home I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether I am cooking for the other half or making cups of tea for guests, the kitchen is a social location in the house and making it bigger with a glass extension will only make it more practical, social and inviting.

If you enjoy hosting dinner parties, a kitchen extension will help you make more space for guests and provide a larger area to work in.

In your day-to-day tasks, looking out through the glass windows of an orangery while you wash the dishes, put the kettle on and toast bread under the grill, will provide a relaxing, spacious outlook with an outdoor feel (depending on the view, of course!). 

An orangery added to your kitchen may mean that you can have that kitchen island or large country oven you’ve always wanted. If an orangery extension can help you achieve your dream kitchen, then you should definitely extend your kitchen rather than your lounge!

No matter where you choose to install your orangery, orangeries are a beautiful way to introduce more space to a home, let in more light and most importantly to increase available living space.
The orangeries from Orangeries UK are made from high quality woods including timber, oak as well as other hardwood and softwood materials.

If you are in the early stages of planning your orangery, don’t forget that the specialists at Orangeries UK can help with all the different aspects involved in home extension projects, including designing and planning, choosing a roof lantern, structural calculations and estimations, utilising available space for structure and building regulations.