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Which plants are best for orangeries?

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Date : October 27, 2016

Not just for the keen horticulturalist, bringing the outdoors inside can help to make your orangery provide a beautiful and relaxing space. There are a whole range of plants that thrive being inside with natural sunlight because it is warmer and more suitable for natural growth.

Since the 17th century, exotic plants have become a key feature to an orangery. A new dimension of gardening, this is mainly due to the simple cultivation process of indoor plants and the feeling of being at one with nature.
Originally, an orangery was a place resembling 17th to 19th Century residences, where fruit trees thrived in the winter. Orange trees in particular grew in orangeries which provided a luxurious space in a more purposeful way than a greenhouse. Hence the name, an orangery provides the perfect environment for plants to thrive in whilst creating a useful space as an addition to the home.

Popular plants in orangeries

Foliage plants are becoming increasingly popular in orangeries. Cacti and Yucca are particular favourites as well as a variety of low maintenance trees. Smaller trees can be easily nurtured and can enhance the ambience of the space in the most simplistic way. Citrus trees such as the Calamondin tree is a particularly ornamental addition to an orangery with homely and satisfying characteristics.
Tropical and sub-tropical plants in particular will thrive in the conditions of your orangery with temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees such as the Hibiscus flower. At nights, a conservatory can drop to between 4 and 7 degrees therefore tender plants would be more appropriate including Tulips and Snowdrops.

Benefits of plants in an orangery

Aromatic climbers will give natural floral scents to the room adding another dimension of sense and delight. Furthermore, the abundance of colour and fresh ventilation brings life and joy to your home. As you can see, the realisation of how beautiful plants can be within your orangery should not be overlooked. Exotic trees can add a new dimension to an orangery, creating a place of paradise in the comfort of your own home. Fulfilling all your senses from smell to touch, a well decorated open space can provide a whole range of health and mental benefits to enhance everyday life. Having proven to provide a natural source of vitamin D through sunlight, the smaller additions to an orangery such as plants and foliage can enhance a positive mood significantly.

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