"Calculating your new conservatory cost"

Calculating your new conservatory cost is an absolute essential before you even start to open the conservatory catalogue.

Whether money is no object or you are operating on a strict budget, it is highly important that you do your research and know what to expect when it comes to the cost of your new conservatory.

But like with all home projects, it can indeed be difficult to calculate the cost of your new conservatory until the work has started.

Here at Orangeries UK, we work with homeowners on a daily basis and understand the concerns associated with new orangeries and conservatories, particularly when it comes to cost.

So how can you calculate the cost of your new conservatory without getting half way through the project first?

Here are a few tips…

The cost of your conservatory or orangery will depend on its dimensions

The size of your conservatory will, of course, affect the cost. The larger the conservatory, the more material required.

Of course, if you are making such a significant investment you want to have a decent size space built, however, make sure you receive accurate quotes from the conservatory provider.

The type of conservatory you would like will affect the conservatory cost

There are many different conservatory styles and, ultimately, the type of conservatory you choose will have an effect on the amount you pay.

Types of conservatory you can choose from are:

Lean-to conservatories tend to be the cheapest, while orangeries are the most expensive. Victoria, Edwardian and T-shaped conservatories are further towards the price of a lean-to, while P and L-shaped conservatories are more expensive.

What glass you opt for will affect cost

Like with all conservatory materials, the type of glass you opt for will affect the total cost of the conservatory.

Double-glazing is always recommended, at the very least. It is best to avoid single glazing.

Other more expensive glass options include:

  • Glass with various U values
  • Low E glass (low emissions)
  • Self-cleaning glass
  • Curved glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Frosted glass
  • Toughened safety glass
  • Heat reflective glass
What air conditioning and heating do you need?

If you opt for a basic heating or air conditioning system, you’re likely to save money on the overall cost of your conservatory.

More expensive options include underfloor heating and a built-in air-conditioning system. Cheaper options may be a fan or electric heater.

What will you choose for your conservatory interior? Expensive or budget furniture?

Hardly trivia, the furniture you decide to buy to kit out your conservatory will undoubtedly affect the total cost of your conservatory.

Top tip: Don’t prioritise the furniture. Budget for a good quality conservatory with strong foundations. You can invest in furniture at a later date.

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