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Lean To Conservatory – How Much Does It Cost And Do You Need A Planning Permission?

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Date : January 25, 2020

If you’re thinking of adding an extension onto your home, then a lean to conservatory could be the best decision you make. Not only will a lean to conservatory instantly add value to your home, it will also increase the footprint of your home.

Not only that, a lean to conservatory will allow more light into your home and blend your indoor space with your outdoor space, something that you will highly appreciate when winter comes knocking and you can’t throw the back doors open wide as you do in the summer.

A lean to conservatory is one of the most popular forms of conservatory in England and Wales due to its modern design. And whilst we offer other types of conservatories here at Orangeries UK, from timber conservatories, oak lean to conservatories, pine conservatories, hardwood conservatories and wood conservatories to Georgian conservatories, the lean to conservatory remains one of our perennially popular conservatories.

The advantages of a lean to conservatory

A lean to conservatory doesn’t just offer a sleek addition to your home, it is also a timeless design, one that adds instant value and kerb appeal to your home, and provides additional space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

  • Space. It’s not a secret that a lean to conservatory will add more space for your family to use. You are after all increasing the footprint of your home. But best of all, because this space is enclosed inside your home, you can use it all year round and however you wish. You could turn it into a dining room if you like, or a playroom for the children, or simply an additional living area. The choice is yours.
  • Value. A lean to conservatory can only increase the value of your property. By adding extra square footage to your home, you are increasing the value of your home. And if you opt for a well established company such as Orangeries UK to construct your conservatory for you, you are guaranteeing the work you do.
  • More natural light. We humans need natural light to function. Natural light is what governs our internal body clock, it tells us when to go to sleep and when to wake up. Natural light even affects our moods. So the more natural light you can have flooding your home, the better it will be for your health. A lean to conservatory is typically made from glass, and there’s a reason these extensions are also known as sun rooms!
How much does a lean to conservatory cost

The most basic of lean to conservatories can be constructed relatively cheaply, from as little as a few hundred pounds, but if you aren’t prepared to spend money on your lean to extension, then don’t expect it to last for very long.

A lean to extension cost can vary depending on the size of the structure that you want to build onto your home, and the materials used to construct the lean to conservatory.

Here at Orangeries UK, prices for a lean to conservatory start from £7995 and the whole conservatory will be manufactured right here in the UK in our dedicated joinery, from the highest quality FSC accredited hardwoods to guarantee that your investment in your home improvement lasts for years.

The price that you pay for a lean to conservatory from Orangeries UK includes the whole process, from start to finish. From the initial consultation with you regarding your choice of lean to conservatory, through to the design brief, taking care of any planning permission along the way.

We will also help you choose your conservatory roof options for your lean to conservatory, what colour you would like your lean to conservatory to be finished in (we can stain your wood or even paint it in premium Farrow and Ball paints) and any other customisations that you would like to ensure that your lean to conservatory is truly bespoke to you.

Do you need planning permission to put up a lean to conservatory

If you’re considering adding any extension onto your property, including a lean to extension, then you’ll need to check to see if you require planning permission before you begin any construction work.

Here at Orangeries UK we will provide you with full assistance to help you work through the planning permission process, regardless of whether you actually require planning permission or not. We like to ensure that all of our customers are aware of the rules and building regulations that surround lean to conservatory extensions and planning permission.

Under UK law, you are required to seek planning permission if you wish to build or modify the use of any land or buildings. Saying that however, you don’t always need planning permission if you are only constructing a conservatory, you could fall under ‘permitted development rights’. Single storey extensions and some conservatories come under this category.

Your lean to conservatory needs planning permission if:
  • The lean to conservatory is more than one storey
  • The lean to conservatory is larger than 6m (if your home is a terrace or semi-detached house)
  • The lean to conservatory is larger than 8m (if your home is a detached house)
  • The lean to conservatory will be taller than 4m or 3m (if you are within a 2m boundary)
  • The lean to conservatory covers more than half of your garden
  • The lean to conservatory roof will be higher than the eaves of your home’s roof
  • The side extensions of the lean to conservatory extend beyond more than half the width of your home
  • You are planning on including a veranda, balcony or raised platform with your lean to conservatory
  • You are planning on using materials to build your lean to conservatory that are considerably dissimilar to the materials used in the construction of your home
  • You have already extended your property