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Wooden Garden Rooms & Garden Offices

A timber orangery consists of timber window frames, doors at the sides, a flat roof and a seperate timber glazed roof lantern set into it.

Wooden Garden Rooms & Garden Offices

Beautiful Timber Garden Rooms made to your exact specifications.

If you want to enjoy your garden all year round, you can either brave the cold British weather in the Winter, or you could think about building a conservatory or an orangery.

Or how about expanding your home into your garden with a dedicated wooden garden room?

A wooden garden room or a wooden garden office will provide you with the perfect outdoor space that you can enjoy all year round. Orangeries UK can even help you design your dream, bespoke garden room which we will then manufacture in our dedicated joinery.

At Orangeries UK we can design any wooden garden room extension that you could wish for. We are a specialist when it comes to designing bespoke garden rooms. In our dedicated joinery, we can manufacture any style of wooden garden room extensions, such as timber garden rooms, garden offices, sunrooms, wooden summer houses, garages, garden sheds or corner garden office rooms.

What’s more, our timber garden rooms are all manufactured from sustainably sourced materials that are not only high-quality, but are finished in high-performance, micro-porous paint for excellent resistance against the weather.

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More About Our Wooden Garden Rooms & Garden Offices

Bespoke Wooden Garden Rooms

Generally speaking, timber garden rooms are often bought off the shelf and what you see is what you get. However, here at Orangeries UK, all of our wooden garden room structures are completely bespoke. We manufacture all of our timber garden rooms in our dedicated joinery by our incredibly skilled craftsmen, who have access to top of the range CNC machinery.

In fact, we’ll manufacture your wooden garden room to the exact specification you are looking for and we’ll consider any other specific design requirements that you may have too. For example, you have complete control over the final finish of your wooden garden room, from the colour of the paint to the choice of the stain. Every little detail is finished to your own personal preference.

We have a large range of timber colours and stains to choose from to ensure your timber garden room is completely in keeping with the style and aesthetics of your home. Nothing is too much for us.

Using your wooden garden room

A wooden garden room is so much more than a man cave or an outdoor office shed. A bespoke timber garden room designed and manufactured by Orangeries UK can be used for so many purposes. There are the obvious uses such as a garden office – our wooden insulated garden offices are incredibly popular as they provide privacy and peace for working, space for meeting clients, and extra storage when space in your main house is at a premium.

Your cheap garden room could also become an extension of your living space, providing you with a luxurious wooden summer house where you can enjoy your garden in complete tranquility.

Or you could turn your garden shed into a man cave, creating your own private gym. Or a relaxation space complete with a hot tub.

Absolutely anything is possible when you choose to purchase your bespoke wooden garden room at Orangeries UK.

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Wooden Garden Room Installation

Here at Orangeries UK, we can provide all of our customers with a full installation service. Using our installation team to install your wooden garden room will ensure that you not only get access to your garden room quicker than if you were to build it yourself but if you wanted to find an independent installer, we guarantee that our installation service team will better them at constructing your wooden garden room. Our installation team already know your product well, meaning they will provide a smoother, hassle-free installation service for you.

We are proud to say that we have installed thousands of our products over the years. Our dedicated installation team has extensive experience installing any wooden garden structure that you might want in your garden.

Our installation team aren’t just reliable, thanks to our established high-quality, incredibly friendly customer service team waiting to assist you, we ensure that you have a smooth customer journey from choosing your wooden garden room and garden office through to installing your insulated garden office in situ, guaranteeing a beautiful, maintenance-free cheap garden room for you to enjoy for years to come.

So, depending on the service you are looking for, our bespoke timber garden rooms can either be installed by the Orangeries UK team or simply supplied and sent to you as a DIY kit.

Bespoke Timber Garden Offices

While some people decide that their timber garden room will be used as an extra living room, playroom or bedroom, other people opt for a bespoke timber garden office where they can work from home or, perhaps, even start a new business.

Ultimately, a timber garden office makes for a tranquil, comfortable and peaceful place to work that is separate to the rest of your home. A timber garden office can be installed alongside your existing property, or it can be built as a completely separate extension located at the heart of your garden.

Bespoke Timber Garden Room Extensions

The timber garden room extensions from Orangeries UK offer a diverse, high-quality and bespoke platform of timber garden room ideas for you to significantly enhance your home. Whether you are looking for a timber garden room, a timber garden office, a timber garden studio, a timber garden lodge or garden pod, a timber garden storage hut or a timber garden entertainment room (like a cinema or gym), here at Orangeries UK we can help you find a high-quality and unique timber garden room extension.

For more information on our timber garden rooms, garden sheds, garden huts, garden sunroom, timber garages, garden offices, garden workrooms and more. Call us at Orangeries UK on 0333 335 5051, or fill out an enquiry form on our website.

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