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Garden Office Tips and Ideas

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Date : October 18, 2018
“5 of the Most Inspiring Garden Office Tips and Ideas”

When working from home a garden office can be a great alternative to a spare room dedicated to a work space.

Many people prefer to have an office in a garden room rather than in the house for a number of reasons.

Separate your work and family space

Firstly, a garden office space provides a room away from the family space for a more private working area and the ability to separate your work area from your home.

Secondly, a garden can be a relaxing and motivating place in which to work! There’s nothing more uplifting that looking out onto a green garden after all!

Additionally, there may not be enough space in the house to have a dedicated office.

When you decide that a garden office is the right option for you, it can be rather difficult to make final decisions about the layout of your garden office and the best set-up for it.

What you don’t want to do is spend very little time investing in the garden orangery layout. Simply shoving a desk in there isn’t the optimum way to make the most of the space. You want to feel inspired in your work space.

Here are a few inspiring garden office tips from Orangeries UK:

Tip #1: Before having your garden office built, think about its size and location within the garden

How much space do you require in your office? Will you be inviting clients to come and meet with you? Do you need space for a sofa or do you, purely and simply, need a desk to sit at?

Before you have the structure of your orangery built, think about how large it needs to be for its purpose and consider your budget. There is absolutely no need to fork out on a huge garden orangery if all you need is space for a desk and chair, and perhaps, if you’re really pushing it, a notice board on the wall. If you need a small work area, you’d probably be best of with a garden pod or exploring small garden office ideas.

The location of your garden office can have a HUGE effect on the overall impression of your garden room. In areas of the garden where more sunlight falls, the office may be more like a sun room which is a great way to keep warm. However, the bright sun rays could be disastrous when trying to work on a computer or laptop screen…


Tip #2: Think about heating the office and where the windows should be

Once you’ve reached the deciding factor as to where your garden room will be located within your garden, you’ll want to think about the position of the windows and how you will heat your office.

Insulated garden office buildings are beneficial since it is often commented on that garden rooms can become chilly in late autumn and winter months or too hot in the summer. There are various ways you can insulate your garden office to prevent extreme temperature.

Types of insulation include: Reflective foils, rigid insulation, hemp insulation, sheep’s wool, mineral wool and more.

Do not hesitate to speak to us at Orangeries UK if you cannot decide which garden insulation will most suit your requirements.

Tip #3: Power and electricity

How much power will your garden room require? Where will the plugs and sockets be located?

If you’re primarily working on a computer or laptop, no doubt, you’ll need a good supply of power to your garden office. You will also want to make sure the plug socket is located in a practical position in your new office.

It is likely you’ll need to get a professional electrician in when installing the garden office to help with the electricity side of things.

Tip #4: Space vs. Furniture


Do you favour the aesthetic of a modern, spacious office (with less furniture!) or do you need more pieces of furniture for your work?

Before going out and purchasing the latest office equipment, be sure to think about what you actually need. While some pieces of furniture ooze style, they may not be the most practical edition to your garden room.

Make sure what you buy is functional and will enhance the work you’re doing.

Tip #5: Functional Design

Again “functional” takes priority. Rather than opting for the latest fashion, think about what your garden office will be used for and design its interior around this.

Do you need it to be a large meeting room? Or do you work alone?

Essentially, make sure your garden office is built for purpose over style (Although luckily our orangeries are sophisticated and stylish too!).

Contact us at Orangeries UK for more information about our garden offices

If you want to work in your garden, then contact us at Orangeries UK. We can speak to you about your garden building requirements.

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