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Orangery and Conservatory Roofs

Are you looking for a new roof to put on your old and tired conservatory? Our joinery can design one that will be perfect.

Orangery and Conservatory Roofs

Specialist UK Manufacturer of Bespoke Orangery Roof Systems & DIY Kits

Are you looking for a roof that will add class and beauty to your home? If so, then orangeries are perfect. As one of the leading orangery roof manufacturers in the UK, we understand how important it is to provide great products, excel in customer service and meet your needs from start to finish.

Are you looking for a new roof to put on your old and tired conservatory? Our joinery can design one that will be perfect. We offer high-quality products made from the best materials, so you don’t have anything else to worry about.

You don’t need to worry about replacing your entire orangery because we do everything for you. A roof system will breathe more life into your conservatory and enhance the aesthetics of your property.

Roof Orangery Gallery

Below are some of our roof orangeries.

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Conservatory Roof Gallery

Below are some of our Conservatory Roofs.

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Timber Orangery Colours & Wood Stains

Below are just some of the colour options we offer, we offer a complete range of colours including a colour matching service.

Mid Oak
Mid Oak
Idigbo Stains
Medium Oak
Mid Oak
Sapele Stains
Medium Oak
Mid Oak
Opaque Colours
Powder Blue
Sea Green

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    More About Our Orangery and Conservatory Roofs

    Stunning Conservatory Roof Designs

    With recent improvements in conservatory roof technology, the options you can choose from for your custom-built or replacement conservatory roof have increased exponentially.

    To comply with building regulations and because of safety concerns regarding approval processes, planning officers may restrict what type of additions are approved on an existing site depending upon how much weight they think it will handle.

    Our specialist can consult you on which orangery roofs will fit your needs beforehand so that you can benefit from a convenient service.

    Do you want more natural light? To create a more usable area for entertaining or relaxing in the sun? The leading conservatory roof supplier is here to help you transform your space with new and improved options.

    Whatever it is, our orangery roof kits can enhance your home.

    Orangery Roof

    The most significant difference between an orangery and a conservatory is that it has over 75% of its roof glazed, whereas an orangery has less than that. So if your orangery requires a replacement roof, we offer a wide array of orangery roof designs to fit your every need.

    Timber Conservatory Roofs

    Timber roofs are perfect for replacing your old, broken conservatory roof. The robust structure of these buildings can withstand heavy weights and low pitches with ease.

    Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofs

    Polycarbonates are the most budget-friendly option for replacing your conservatory’s roof. These lightweight sheets let in natural light and require very little maintenance; they last 15 – 20 years before needing another replacement.

    Even better than their affordability is the extensive range of colours that will match whatever theme or design goals you have.

    Glass Roof Options

    The latest glass roofs are much more efficient at insulating your home than ever before. They let in plenty of natural light and provide an almost limitless view through their transparent surfaces while also durable enough for long-term use.

    Modern glazing makes glass roof lanterns more energy-efficient, and with double and triple glazing options available, you can get a new orangery that isn’t just practical; it’s beautiful too.

    While thermally efficient glass is popular, there are other types you can choose from, including self-cleaning glass and anti-glare/tinted glass lanterns.

    Self-Cleaning Glass

    Self-cleaning glass means that it never needs to be cleaned again! The unique surface on this type of window breaks down all dirt and grime, so you can wash away any residue without worrying about leaving a mark.

    Our self-cleaning glass options include hydrophobic coating, which makes the water roll off upon contact or hydrophilic coating, which breaks down any substance that reaches the glass.

    Anti-Glare/Tinted Glass Lantern

    If you’re extra sensitive to the sun’s glare when it shines on your conservatory roof, the anti-glare or reflective glass may be a good option.

    We Can Help You Choose Which Materials Are Best For Your Needs

    There’s no doubt that orangery roofs are versatile, and you can put your stamp on the design – but which roof is best? Well, it entirely depends on your budget and thermal efficiency preferences.

    Solid conservatory roofs are subject to building regulations and can be challenging to install. We can add glass panels or lighting in some cases, but professionals should always carry out retrofits.

    Tiled roof options are great if you want a streamlined look that unites your interior and exterior – but this is the most expensive choice. We recommend you think about how vital a tiled roof is for you before making an investment.

    Polycarbonate and timber are the two most popular options. Both are cost-effective and versatile in design and structure. Many of our clients choose these options because they’re durable and easy to install.

    Enhance Your Home With Beautiful Orangery Roof Lanterns

    When choosing the perfect design for your conservatory/orangery, most people agree that a lantern roof works perfectly for both traditional and contemporary homes.

    Roof lanterns offer more light than their flat counterparts and create an architectural showpiece for your conservatory.

    With this rooflight, you can open up the ceiling to let in plenty of natural sunlight, maximizing its potential and providing additional space height that’s perfect if it feels cramped or low ceilings may make some spaces uncomfortable at times.

    Curved Roof Lanterns

    Our curved roof lantern designs make it the perfect choice when you want an eye-catching, high-quality light that’s also very sophisticated. The manufacturer allows for glass and wood structures to give your home a stunning look with bespoke patterns or configurations right on display.

    We Also Provide Flat Roof Options

    While most of our clients prefer lanterns, we can also create bespoke flat roof lanterns if you want something a bit more understated.

    A flat rooflight is an excellent choice if you want your house to look sleek and stylish while being energy efficient. Instantly brightening any extension or renovation with natural light, this low-profile window will allow up 25% more than other types of windows for ventilation in the room where it’s installed too.

    DIY Orangery Roofs

    We’re the team to call when your orangery needs a new roof. Our workshop can manufacture and supply complete kits for quick installation, so you’ll have all of our customer care covered too.

    The perfect solution if yours needs an upgrade or replacement, we’ll supply window units, gaskets/seals, joints and rafters.

    You can also benefit from our aesthetic improvement service, including painted lanterns and signature styles.

    While we design all of our roofs from scratch, here are some general specifications:

    • Available in all standard sizes and non-standard sizes from 750mm x 750mm
    • Constructed from FSC Treated Timber or Aluminium
    • Colour matching service – Premium RAL / BS Paints from Farrow & Ball
    • Rafter sections starting from 44mm, Hips from 56mm in width
    • Roman Ogee3 detail moulded into undersides of timber section
    • Timber Dovetail Systems
    • Painted with Microporous Paint
    • Large Choice of Finials and Crestings
    • Choice of Glazing Options (Standard 28mm Double Glazed Argon Filled Units) with U-Value of 1.1W/m.
    • Optional Self Cleaning Glass
    • Range of Blinds & Solar Control units

    Download Gaskets Specification Brochure

    Download Saint Gobain Glass Brochure

    Download Pilkington Glass Brochure

    Download Ironmongery Options Brochure

    Orangery Costs: A General Guide to Our Roof Kits

    A typical price guide can be found below:


    Why Choose Us?

    We believe that everyone should have a stunning orangery roof, no matter what their budget is. Our friendly team of professionals create bespoke solutions that enhance your living space and decrease your energy bills.

    Bespoke Orangery Design

    Don’t settle for run of the mill roofing solutions. These low maintenance solutions increase your homes energy efficiency while maintaining their aesthetic appeal. We can work with you to enhance your existing home by creating bespoke designs under your exact specifications.

    Traditional & Modern Orangery Designs

    Whether you prefer a traditional or modern design for your orangery roof, our team of specialists can help. You have complete control over the design, but we’ll notify you of any potential restrictions due to planning permission limitations.

    Fast Nationwide Delivery

    You want to update your existing orangery without having to wait for ages, right? Well, we’ll always make sure your orangery project can get underway ASAP with fast delivery of all of our products.

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    Whether you’re worried about UV damage and want to enhance your current orangery, or you’re looking to design a completely new space, our roofing solutions can help you to redefine style and sophistication.

    Contact us today for your free quote. We look forward to helping you.

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    Would you like a free, no obligation instant quote? Call us on 0333 335 5051 or fill out our online form to get an idea of costs.

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