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How can an orangery improve your home?

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Date : September 15, 2016

How can an orangery improve your home?

Are you thinking of investing in an orangery for your home?

At Orangeries UK, we design and manufacture luxury and bespoke orangeries made from high-quality hardwood, including oak, sapele and idigbo.

So, how can a luxury orangery from Orangeries UK really improve your home?

An orangery creates additional space.

Not only will you have the additional space of your new orangery itself, the extra room created by the orangery will open up the rest of your home.

Your new orangery may also allow you to move furniture around, perhaps you’ll move it into the orangery and spread your furniture around the house, to add the feeling of a more spacious and open area.

An orangery brings the outdoors into your home.

An orangery is perfect if you are a fan of the outdoors and can’t spend enough time out in the fresh air, the glass windows of an orangery, particularly when it overlooks your garden, undoubtedly bring the outdoors into your home, by allowing more natural light into the property and providing a clear view outside.

Your view will, no doubt, be an absolute joy on sunny, picturesque days (particularly at this time of year!) and perhaps an exciting place to watch the winter weather draw in.

So if you’re set for summer and want to take your home closer to the outdoors, then an orangery from Orangeries UK is most definitely an investment for you!

An orangery can be built a number of functions.

And last but not least, an orangery can be built for a number of reasons. Whether you want a dining area attached to your kitchen, a playroom for your children or a relaxation-style room that is completely separate from the rest of the house, we’ve got the Orangery for you at Orangeries UK.

Why not take a look at more information on the following ways that you can use your orangery?

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