"Modern Conservatory Design & Styles"

Many people are looking for a modern conservatory extension as an addition to their home. As well as adding extra space, a modern conservatory provides the ultimate in luxurious living. But what are the features of a modern conservatory, and how can you ensure your new conservatory has a definite contemporary feel?

Here are a five features of a modern conservatory that can ensure the contemporary aesthetic you are looking for:

1. Open-plan, minimalistic styling.

Think straight lines, wooden or tiled floors, clean living and minimal furniture. A modern conservatory does not tend to feature a lot of ornamental features, nor any kind of traditional furniture. Opting for cream, ivory and beige walls, combined with grey and black furniture, is one way of ensuring a contemporary aesthetic. That said, dashes of bright colours, such as hot pink or red, can also make for a modern conservatory design.

2. Install aluminium bi-fold doors.

Bi-fold doors save dramatically on space and add an open-plan, spacious feel that can ensure your conservatory has a modern design. Many people opt for aluminium bi-fold doors for the ultimate in modern living, since they have a clean, sleek and flush appearance.

3. Opt for the lean-to conservatory.

With its clear cut lines and adaptable style, the lean-to design is the ultimate choice for a modern conservatory.

4. Modern blinds.

Blinds are a key feature of ensuring your conservatory has a modern look. There is no point having the most contemporary lean-to conservatory installed in your home, and then placing traditional blinds over the glass. For a modern conservatory, consider minimalist-trend or wooden blinds.

5. Install a Contemporary Roof Lantern.

A roof lantern can further open up a conservatory, allowing more natural light to flood into the interior. Take care not to install an ornamental Victorian-style roof lantern though, instead, a simple, circular design tends to work well in a modern conservatory.

Other ideas include creating an Entertaining Room Conservatory.