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Family Conservatories & Family Rooms

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Date : April 3, 2016
“Conservatories can make great family rooms with the benefit of additional safety re-enforcements.”

At Orangeries UK, our orangeries and conservatories can be built as either an adult or family room. Family conservatories are becoming popular additions to both modern and traditional properties. They are not necessarily rooms in which children can run wild in, but can provide a place for families to spend time together in a relaxing environment.

Examples of family rooms
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Family conservatories tend to be of moderate to large size and furnished with comfortable soft furnishings. Depending on the style of family conservatory you opt for, you may choose more modern décor or opt for a traditional look.
Family conservatories make a great investment for family life and can adapt to the growing changes of your children.

When children are younger, a family conservatory may be built with toughened glass, or safety glass, and may feature interior child-safety features, like a childproof door or window fittings. At Orangeries UK, we can listen and provide advice as to what orangery design would be family-friendly and work well for your property.

If you have young children, you may opt for a more spacious design and cheaper furniture. This is because a family conservatory works well as additional space for children to play, and do activities like painting, in a space that is closer to the outdoors than the dining room or lounge.

As the children get older, a family conservatory makes for great extra space in which children can do their homework, watch television and spend time with friends. A family conservatory can also provide a great place for children and young people to do their homework, since it may prevent them doing isolated and solitary work in their bedroom.

As the children get older again, a family conservatory can provide great extra-space for a party or social gatherings.

At Orangeries UK, our orangery and conservatory designs work well as a family conservatory. Ultimately, planning your family conservatory to be versatile and adapt to the growing needs of your children is a key factor of the room. We can help you in the planning, designing and installation phases of your family conservatory.

It is important to consider the floor plan, layout, material, size and location of your family conservatory. Whether you opt for an EdwardianVictorian, modern, Georgian or lean-to conservatory comes more down to personal taste and style, it won’t necessarily affect the practicality of your conservatory as a family room.

We pride ourselves, here at Orangeries UK, on the amount of bespoke options that we provide for a family conservatory. We understand that a family conservatory is used differently by every family and we want our orangeries and conservatories to reflect the unique elements of a family conservatory.
All of our family conservatories are constructed from high-quality, sustainable FSC- sourced wood and make a classic, valuable addition to a property from both a lifestyle and investment point of view.

Not only will a family conservatory add extra space to your property and provide more space for your family to spend time together, a family conservatory from Orangeries UK is undoubtedly a high-quality and luxury product with classic aesthetic appeal.