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Dining Room Conservatory

Create a beautiful space where you can entertain your friends and family 

Dining Room Conservatory

Make your dining room the focal point of your home

Most people will associate a conservatory as just another room to view the garden from, but why not make full use of it and create a dining room space, a place where you can sit and enjoy breakfast, lunch and supper and host wonderful dinner parties and lunches with your friends and family.

The possibilities are virtually endless and with our weatherproof designs, a conservatory can be used in all seasons no matter what the English weather decides throws at you, rest assured that you can enjoy your breakfast and morning coffee all year round.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are a few common problems homeowners face and how converting your existing conservatory or orangery (or having a new one installed) can solve them.

Delightful dining

Converting a conservatory or orangery into a dining room can be a great way to enjoy natural light and create a tranquil setting to eat and drink in – whether that’s just with family or if you’re hosting a dinner party for friends. Not all houses will have the luxury of a dining room and in some houses, there just isn’t the space for a dining table and chairs. Even if you manage to squeeze a dining space into the corner of your living room, storage can be a nightmare with bulky dining room furniture taking up valuable space. With a whole room dedicated to dining, storage doesn’t have to be an issue as it can be left out all year in its own space.

Say goodbye to cramped dull dining room spaces

No matter what size conservatory or orangery you opt for, the vast amount of glass used to create the space will instantly add a sense of light and airiness to the room which, in turn, will allow the room to feel bigger than it actually is. The added bonus is that all the glass means you can let it all the sights and sounds of the garden, no matter what the weather! Wine and dine with your guests whilst also showing off your gardening skills and enjoying the British wildlife.

Feeling inspired?

If you’re looking for a stylish and stunning conservatory to wine and dine in, take a look at our website and make an appointment for a free, no-obligation quote with one of our sales teams today!

By purchasing a conservatory with us, you can create a bespoke made to measure extension which meets your dining requirements. Whether you’re looking for a space to hold dinner parties or just a small conservatory dining room, it’s completely up to you; any of our conservatory styles are therefore suitable for housing a dining table and chairs.

Conservatory dining room ideas

When it comes to deciding on your conservatory interiors, the design should resonate with the rest of your home and your garden.

To further optimise the light airy feel, you could opt for a glass top dining table to help further reflect the light in the room. Glass also works with all colour schemes, and can be complemented by any material of the chair. You may want to go for a textured velvet seating option to add that extra element of luxury to the dining area.
The contemporary style focuses on a minimalist approach to décor. Therefore, when it comes to furnishing your dining room you should opt for a simple design of the table in a block colour such as white or grey. Contrast this with brighter coloured fabric chairs.  A popular choice is thin wooden legs or full plastic chairs like the images below.
You may instead want to opt for a more traditional conservatory design, buying a wooden table and wicker or rattan chairs. The wood complements the ‘outdoors in’ feel that your conservatory creates, as it extends into your garden. Wicker is also more resistant to sunlight as it is less likely to fade; so is, therefore, a more practical design to choose.

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Conservatory Shapes, Styles and Sizes

If you are looking for a bespoke hardwood conservatory then look no further. We make all of our conservatories from scratch, which allows you to customise the shape, size, height, roof lantern options and much more.

More About Our Dining Room Conservatory

How to make the most of your space if you have a small conservatory

If the size of your extension means you have a small conservatory dining room, you may opt for a more space-saving layout. Keeping your table as a focal point you may opt for bench-style seating as this can be pushed underneath your table and is therefore not taking up any further space in the room. Alternatively, you could opt for a fold away table and chair set – this however would be more suitable if you didn’t want your conservatory to be a permanent dining space.

Making a small conservatory into a dining room

If you have a conservatory that is small in size you have two options, either has your dining set as the sole focus in the room or opt to space save with a smaller dining table if you are wanting additional pieces of furniture such as an armchair.

You may therefore want to opt for a small round dining table and have this in the centre of your conservatory.

On the other hand, you may choose to purchase a smaller dining table and have this against one of your conservatory walls to space save; or alternatively, buy a fold away table which can be utilised as and when required.

Let nature inspire the interior of a small conservatory

Conservatories are light and bright spaces by design and provide a connection between the home and the garden beyond. Take that one step further in small timber conservatories by letting the wood become a part of the interior design. 

Oak frame conservatories work particularly well with this style, but other timber structures can also bring a certain charm and natural feel to conservatory interiors, as this petit garden room goes to show. 

Natural and reclaimed materials, like the stone dwarf wall and the tile flooring, further inject an identity that makes the space an interesting and inviting place in which to entertain. 

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