When it comes to purchasing a new property, an orangery or conservatory may not be at the top of your list. After all, you can have an extension when the time is right. However, what if the property you are looking at already has an orangery or conservatory? Is it an essential consideration when buying your home?

Let’s consider the positives and negatives about purchasing a property with an existing orangery or conservatory:

An orangery or conservatory provides additional space

An orangery or conservatory will be beneficial if you are looking for a property to provide you with more space. Not only can an orangery or conservatory can be used as standard, you can use the space however you like. In fact, some people opt for entertaining rooms, kitchen diners and an extra room for children to play in.

You won’t be able to choose the extension yourself

Purchasing a property with an existing orangery will, of course, mean that you will not need to put up with the hassle of installing an orangery, but will mean that you won’t be able to design the extension yourself.

What’s more, with Orangeries UK, our orangeries are simple to install, which means that it is generally advantageous to choose your own orangery from us, rather than purchase a property with an existing orangery or conservatory.

A property with an orangery or conservatory may be more expensive

An orangery or conservatory will add value to any property, and therefore may cause a higher price when purchasing the property.

You can replace elements of the existing orangery

If you have found the ideal property, but are not 100% happy with the property’s orangery or conservatory, you may want to replace the floors, interiors or glass panels to make the extension exactly how you want it.
If you would like some advice, then why not contact us at Orangeries UK? We’d be happy to discuss your bespoke requirements and provide you with the perfect orangery or conservatory. Simply give us a call on 0843 8868 552.