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Invest in an orangery for your home, just in time for Christmas

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Date : November 4, 2016

If you take an interest in property and home improvement, you’ll know, for sure, that investing in an orangery for your property can vastly increase its value and improve both the interior and exterior of your home. Houses that feature an orangery or conservatory do, after all, tend to sell at a higher price than those that haven’t (based on the fact the properties are similar in size and location etc.). Therefore, here at Orangeries UK, we think that there is no better investment this Christmas than a bespoke orangery for your property.

What’s more, now is the perfect time to order one! With Black Friday coming up this week, people everywhere are beginning to think about preparing for Christmas. So, why not prepare your home to have the whole family around your Christmas table this year in your own luxury orangery or conservatory? Orangeries aren’t just for summer Many people are often under the impression that Orangeries are an investment made purely to enjoy the spring and summer. But that’s not true! Think about the Super Moon we saw just last night, and imagine watching it through your own bespoke orangery or conservatory. Spectacular, don’t you think? In addition, all the orangeries and conservatories from Orangeries UK are made with thermal insulation so that you can be confident that your orangery and conservatory will keep the heat in.

Choose a style that you will be happy with all-year round Opting for an orangery at this time of year may help you decide on a design that you think is suitable for all year round use. Perhaps in the summer you might get carried away with being close to the outdoors, whereas, investing in an orangery around Christmas time may indeed help you maximise on practical use of your orangery and how you plan to use it. Use the Christmas holidays to organise your orangery Having an orangery installed in good time for Christmas may indeed give you more time for organising its interior during the Christmas holidays.

Investing in an orangery now will give you time to prepare your orangery for Christmas day. What’s more, in the summertime, you may want to spend more time on the exterior of your property and the garden. Therefore, Christmas is the perfect time of year to invest in a new orangery for your home! Contact us If you would like to find out more about our orangeries and conservatories at Orangeries UK, and perhaps have a brand-new orangery installed in time for Christmas, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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