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Ideas on How to Use Your Garden Room

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Date : June 29, 2015
“A garden room is one of the ways that you can extend your living space.”
How a Garden Room Differs From a Conservatory

Before we look at a few ways in which you can use your garden room, let’s consider what a garden room actually is and how it differs from a traditional conservatory. A garden room is one of the ways that you can extend your living space. Garden rooms usually have a tiled roof and are fully insulated to ensure comfort and weatherproofing throughout the year. They often feature vaulted ceilings and roof glazing. A garden room can be part of the property structure or an external structure, but is ultimately close to the garden.

The Freedom of a Garden Room

A garden room offers you extra space in your home that can improve your lifestyle as well as the value of your property.

When we think of a garden room, we usually think of an outdoor glass room with indoor plant pots and wicker furniture that serves a great purpose when the grandparents come over to read the newspaper. It’s true that a beautiful garden room can provide a peaceful place to relax with the sun beaming in through the glass and, what’s more, it is possible to tailor your garden room to suit your lifestyle and personal needs.

Here Are Some Ideas On How You May Want To Use Your Garden Room:

For Peace and Tranquillity

It may be stating the obvious, but an elegant garden room with a classic appearance is a stunning addition to any modern or period property. This type of garden room works really well looking out over a well-maintained garden, which will inevitably be the main focus when looking through the glass. In terms of furnishing a tranquil garden room, wooden furniture with a floral pattern is a good choice and adds traditional country style.

An Open Plan Kitchen Diner

For those that want to put their garden room to practical use, you may consider creating an open plan kitchen diner.

Open plan kitchen diner garden rooms look particularly good with modern, minimalist furniture to maximise the room’s spacious and light appearance. Perfect for dinner parties, your guests will love looking out over your garden and enjoying the view, while you can enjoy entertaining them in your new stylish space. Using your garden room as an open plan kitchen diner means that you’ll probably use your garden room every day. If you have children, they may even join you in the dining room while you’re cooking their dinner too!

A Garden Office

Another practical use for a garden room that will probably have you venturing into it each day, is a garden office. What better place to work than in the sunlight, overlooking your own garden? You can style your office based on your type of work and how you enjoy working. Whether you require a wall of shelves covered top to toe in books, or a furniture-free office with a fit ball to stretch on, you can tailor your garden office to suit your working preferences.

A Garden Bedroom

A garden room can make a brilliant guest bedroom and means you can invite family or friends around to stay with a bit more space of their own. Gone are the days when you all stepped on each other’s toes at family gatherings! A garden room can extend the amount of space you have in your home, adding practicality, value and class.

A Garden Room for a Leisure Activity

Gym bunnies might opt for a treadmill, stationary bike and rowing machine and really raise the heart rate in your garden room. Add some weights and a couple of stretching mats and you’ll basically have your own gym. No more waiting until the leisure centre opens at 6.30am, you can see the morning sunrise while you’re lifting weights in your own home.

Or perhaps you’re a drummer or vocalist who needs some extra space for band practice. A garden room could potentially be soundproofed and will give you some real breathing space to perfect your tunes and performances.

Whatever hobby you have, your garden room can offer extra space for you to have more space to do what you love!

It is clear then that a garden room is an extension to your home that can be used in a number of ways. The best way to decide on how you want to use your new garden room should be based on your lifestyle and interests.

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