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How to build a conservatory out of wood

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Date : March 11, 2018

Orangeries UK are often asked the question of how to build a conservatory out of wood. So, here we have created a blog post to answer the question.

How to build a conservatory out of wood

Here at Orangeries UK, we are expert manufacturers of wood orangeries and conservatories. We use thorough CAD designs to create and produce high-quality wooden conservatories for many different property types.

Although we don’t build and install the conservatories ourselves, we provide the conservatories and orangeries so that they offer simple installation for our customers, tradesmen, builders and contractors.

Unsurprisingly, we are often asked the question of how to build a conservatory out of wood. So, here we have created a blog post to answer the question.

Things to consider before building a wooden conservatory

  • Check if you require planning permission before ordering your conservatory.
  • Consider whether you would like a skylight installed.
  • Think about who is going to install your conservatory. You and a few friends or will you hire a builder or contractor to help you?
  • Budget.
  • What you will primarily be using your conservatory for.
  • Think about what flooring you require, hardwood, slate or laminate, and whether you require underfloor heating.

How to build a wood conservatory

  1. Select and measure the area in which the conservatory will be built.
  2. Order a conservatory from Orangeries UK.
  3. Make sure the area in which you are building your conservatory is clear of debris and other materials.
  4. Construct your conservatory base, either from concrete or a pre-fabricated base. You may need to include a damp-proof course with this (concrete bases always require damp-proofing).
  5. Once the base is laid and dry, you can construct the walls using brick.
  6. Contact an electrician if you would like electrics installed in the walls.
  7. Lay out the drawings or design guide of your new conservatory. Spread out the conservatory parts and make sure you can tell which parts correspond with the guidelines.
  8. Fit the frames, as instructed, with the fittings.
  9. Once the frames are fitted securely, you can fit the glass windows and rooflight (if you have chosen to include one).
  10. Seal your conservatory with a recommended sealant.
  11. Decorate your conservatory as required.

Advantages of constructing your own conservatory from Orangeries UK

One of the main advantages of building your own wood conservatory is, of course, saving on the cost of a builder or contractor. Even if you have a professional in to help you, by working with them you will be saving on the time they spend at your property.

What’s more, when you purchase an orangery or conservatory from Orangeries UK, rather than building the conservatory with your own purchased materials, you can be sure not to compromise on quality and be sure in the knowledge that the wood used is sustainable, treated and guaranteed by our company.

Good luck and enjoy your new conservatory!

Spring is the perfect time to start building your wooden conservatory, so you have it in time for summer and don’t need to face the harsh weather conditions of winter (providing that the weather does what is expected!). So, enjoy taking the time to build your conservatory and making the most of your new space this summer!

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