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How the direction of your home can affect your conservatory

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Date : October 21, 2018
“How the direction of your home can affect your conservatory”

Does your conservatory get unbearably hot in summer? Too cold in the winter? Are you having to constantly supply the conservatory with artificial light or is it costing you a lot to heat?

All of these things can be affected by the direction of your home and your conservatory positioning.

Before having a conservatory built, you’ll want to think about the following:

Where is the door going to be?

Your conservatory door needs to be located in a situation that provides the best access. There is no point having a door that opens into a small corner of the garden, for example, or to an area in which you couldn’t get much furniture in and out of it.

The direction of your home can play a part in where to fit your conservatory door so that your door is in an optimum position for your garden.

Which direction does the sunlight hit your home?

Where the sunlight hits your home undoubtedly has an impact on how hot, cold, bright and dark your conservatory gets. While you don’t want to build your conservatory in a shaded area of the garden, shaded by the house, you may want to re-think installing a conservatory in direct sunlight. A conservatory that receives full light for most of the day would become uncomfortably hot, likewise, one that is forever in the shade will need more artificial lighting.

Due to south-facing conservatory problems, in general, you are best installing a conservatory that faces south east or south west so that it receives sunlight for part, but not the whole, of the day.

Will your conservatory be near a main road?

If your home faces a main road, it may be worthwhile installing your conservatory towards the back of the house, away from the road. After all, a conservatory is supposedly a place in which to feel tranquil and relaxed.

Also if you have young children, you’d be better off having a conservatory facing into the back garden, away from busy roads.

Essentially, a conservatory is not a place to listen to exhausts and engines.

Of course, you can invest in soundproof glass, but you’ll want this to be the best quality possible and consider the implications when you open the door…

Some helpful hints about the direction of your home and your conservatory

Don’t panic if you cannot fit your conservatory at an ideal direction! It is possible to use building materials, the conservatory structure and other factors to ensure your conservatory is comfortable.

North-facing conservatories can get cold in winter so can benefit from underfloor heating, warm pieces of furniture, adding insulation and electric heaters.

South-facing conservatories get warm in summer so are best installed with an air conditioning system, if possible. If not, plenty of windows will suffice!

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