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Decorating the Interior of Your Conservatory or Orangery

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Date : July 16, 2016

Similarly to the design considerations required for the structure of your conservatory or orangery, the interior decoration of your orangery or conservatory also needs careful planning.

Here are a few tips when planning the interior decoration of your orangery or conservatory:

Consider Lighting and Heating Options

You will need to think about your lighting and heating requirements when you are planning the layout and design features of your orangery or conservatory, so that important design features, like electrical sockets, can be placed accordingly. In addition, some types of heating, like wet underfloor heating, will need installing when your conservatory or orangery is built.

Consider Your Style

When designing the interior of your orangery or conservatory, you should consider your own personal style and tastes as well as the purpose of your new extension. Despite how other people decide to decorate their orangeries or conservatories, you shouldn’t be shy to be a bit different! The most important thing is that the interior design of your orangery or conservatory is in-keeping with the rest of the property.
In addition, you should think about how you will fit your furniture into the room and where it will go. For example, will a corner sofa be able to fit through the door to get it into the room? What’s more, depending on where furniture is positioned you may want to think about its colour and material. If the sofa is in direct sunlight, for example, the colour may fade.

Keep Furnishing Simple

As well as considering the position of your furniture, whether it is in-keeping with the style of your property and whether your choice of material will fade in direct sunlight. It is useful to note that orangeries and conservatories work well as clear, open spaces and, therefore, furniture is actually best kept to a minimum to ensure a sense of elegance and class.
Instead of cluttering your orangery or conservatory with furniture, you could perhaps add a main colour theme to the room. You may want one wall painted in your chosen colour, combined with a few items of furniture in the room to match. The colour can be as bold or as subtle as you want!

Curtains or Blinds?

Curtains and blinds are a key feature of a conservatory or orangery, particularly since conservatories and orangeries allow a high proportion of natural light into the room through large glass windows.
Not only will you need to consider the aesthetic appearance of your curtains or blinds, you will need to ensure that they are fit for purpose. For example, blinds should provide enough shade on hot and sunny summer days in order to prevent the room overheating.
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