"Are you looking for a new, bespoke conservatory roof or a replacement roof?"

If you’re looking for a conservatory roof solution, our joinery can design and manufacture a replacement conservatory roof to your exact specifications. If your existing conservatory roof has suffered from damage, weathering, age or other environmental factors then we can help. Our conservatory roof systems can breath new life back into your conservatory, or it can give it a whole new look. Some people simply do not want to replace an entire structure because of a failing roof, this is where we can help.


”Are you looking for a new, bespoke conservatory roof or a replacement roof?”

Our joinery can design and manufacture a replacement conservatory roof to your exact specifications. We have a whole of whost of conservatory roof solutions for you: polycarbonate conservatory roof, timber conservatory roof, wooden conservatory roof, orangery roof; it doesn’t matter what style or shape your current conservatory is, we have a conservatory replacement roof that will fit all conservatory designs.

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Conservatory Roof Solutions

Deciding on which conservatory roof solution for used to be a straightforward choice, with only a limited number of conservatory roof designs available. But with recent improvements in conservatory roof technology, the options you can choose from for your conservatory or orangery roof, has increased exponentially.

In order to comply with building regulations, check with your local planning office prior to making any alterations or amendments to your existing conservatory or orangery, because conservatory replacement roof could alter the classification of the structure. So always check planning permission before you commence any replacement work.

Deciding what conservatory replacement roof you would like will come down to your requirements and what you want to achieve from the space that you have.

Do you want more light? To create a more usable space? To extend the roof lifespan? Do you have a budget in mind?

As the leading conservatory roof supplier, we can help you transform your existing structure with a conservatory replacement roof.

Conservatory roof designs
DIY Roof Lanterns

Our DIY roof lanterns are designed specifically to make installation as simple as possible, even for inexperienced or novice installers. The components of the roof lantern are easy to assemble and clip together, and all instructions and guides are provided to help with the assembly.

Curved Roof Lanterns

Our curved roof lanterns are high quality, look visually stunning and are very sophisticated. The manufacture allows for curved glass, curved timber structures to give you the stunning and bespoke designs / patterns / configurations that you want.

Orangery Roof

The biggest difference between an orangery and a conservatory is that a conservatory has over 75% of its roof glazed, whereas an orangery has less than that. So if your orangery is in need of a replacement roof, we offer a wide array of orangery roof designs to fit your every need.

Timber Conservatory Roof

You might need to opt for a timber conservatory roof as a conservatory replacement roof, if your current conservatory roof has a low pitch, or if it is no longer able or incapable of bearing the weight. A timber frame can be used to construct all types of conservatory roof.

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof

A polycarbonate conservatory roof is the most budget friendly option for conservatory roof replacements. These polycarbonate sheets let in natural light and require very little in upkeep, and with a lifespan of 15-20 year, they are well worth the investment.

They are also available in different colours. However it is worth bearing in mind that they don’t have the same insulating properties as glass, so they might affect the energy efficiency of your home.

Glass Conservatory Roof

Glass is the most popular option for a conservatory roof because of its thermal properties, the amount of natural light that it lets through and the durability and low maintenance of it.

Advances in glazing technology have exponentially improved the thermal efficiency of our glass conservatory roofs, which help prevent heat loss from your home.