"Are you looking for a new, bespoke conservatory roof or a replacement roof?"

Our joinery can design and manufacture a replacement conservatory roof to your exact specifications. If your existing conservatory roof has suffered from damage, weathering, age or other environmental factors then we can help. Some people simply do not want to replace an entire structure because of a failing roof, this is where we can help.


”We offer nationwide delivery FAST! Order your product and have it ready quickly”

If you require assistance with choosing a roof lantern why not give us a call today to see how we can help?

DIY Roof Lanterns

These are designed specifically to make installation as simple as possible, even for inexperienced or novice installers. The components are easy to assemble and clip together, instructions and guides are provided to help with the assembly.

Curved Roof Lanterns

Our curved roof lanterns are high quality, look visually stunning and are very sophisticated. The manufacture allows for curved glass, curved timber structures to allow for stunning and bespoke designs / patterns / configurations.