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Why Choose Oak

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Date : May 5, 2016
“Oak is a premium hardwood that is durable, luxurious and is used in upmarket products.”

When it comes to choosing the material for your conservatory or orangery, most of us are already aware that hardwood or timber is a more environmentally-sustainable option in comparison to uPVC. Although the initial costs of timber of hardwood may be slightly higher, hardwood conservatories and orangeries reap rewards in terms of their durability, weather-resistance and quality.

Examples of Oak Orangeries (Both Natural and Painted)
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That’s why, at Orangeries UK we are proud to design, manufacture and deliver timber and hardwood orangeries and conservatories that are quality-approved and add fantastic value to all properties.

We take particular pride in our oak orangeries and conservatories. Oak is undoubtedly a prestigious wood that has luxury appeal, and adds a touch of elegance to both modern and traditional properties.

Although generally more expensive than other timbers, oak has a true classic and unique appearance.  When compared with other timbers, there is no mistaking oak for its wide, open grain and distinctive colour.

As a slow growing timber, oak is more durable than many other timbers. Ultimately, with careful maintenance, an oak orangery is extremely long-lasting. Many oak orangeries last decades, or even centuries, before replacement is required.

So if you are looking for the ultimate in luxurious living, an oak conservatory or an oak orangery from Orangeries UK, can make a stunning addition to your property.

Oak orangeries from Orangeries UK

A popular choice for country properties like large detached houses and manors, as well as smaller semi-detached properties, an oak orangery from Orangeries UK can be made to your exact specification and individual requirements.

For more information on our oak orangeries, click on the following link: /oak-orangeries

Oak conservatories from Orangeries UK

For a timeless addition to your home, an oak conservatory from Orangeries UK can be customized to your individual requirements. Choose a bespoke shape and style for your oak conservatory, as well as architectural features and more.

For more information on our oak conservatories, click on the following link: /oak-conservatory