"Whether you want to choose from one of the above designs or styles, or would like a completely bespoke orangery design"

At Orangeries UK, we can offer you a high-quality and bespoke orangery design, as well as the more standard orangery designs. There are, in general, a few types of orangery designs that tend to be popular. These are: Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian, Elizabethan, Lean to and Gable fronted.

Whether you want to choose from one of the above designs or styles, or would like a completely bespoke orangery design, here is a bit more information about the types of orangery designs available.

Edwardian Orangery
Edwardian orangeries tend to have a square or rectangular base and a simplistic design. This means that Edwardian orangeries are a popular option of orangery design, and suit both small and open spaces.
Despite having a simple orangery design, an Edwardian orangery includes bold features, like fanlights. Fanlights are also known as clerestory windows and are, ultimately, a small row of windows at the top of the side framing that may open or be fixed shut.
In short, an Edwardian orangery has a square or rectangular floor plan, strong bold lines and a decorative finish, and, as a result, complements properties of all ages.

Georgian Orangery
Georgian orangeries, like Edwardian orangeries, often have a square or rectangular base. However, a Georgian orangery has an added element of grandeur due to its high, sloping roofs that allow a greater amount of sunlight to flood into the interior.
Primarily characterized by an emphasis on symmetry and proportion, a Georgian orangery also features ornamental elements, like curved glazing bars, for luxury appeal.
A Georgian orangery is often built in a square or rectangular space and is made up of large, symmetrical single windows, in a “six over six” pane configuration.

Victorian Orangery
Victorian orangeries are generally the most popular type of orangery design, and can be manufactured for versatility and to suit many different types of properties.
Victorian conservatories usually feature wide glass panes and ornate gothic features. Many Victorian orangery designs are rounded with a bay window at the end of a square or rectangular floor plan.

Elizabethan Orangery
An Elizabethan orangery has simple, strong and uncomplicated design and is a suitable orangery design for a wide range of properties.  

Lean To Orangery
A Lean to orangery is often square or rectangular in shape. When the orangery design is rectangular, the orangery will usually run along the back of the house.
All lean to conservatories have a flat angled roof that slopes downwards and, ultimately, allows rainwater to run off. 

Gable Fronted Orangery
Gable-fronted orangeries are another popular choice of orangery design as they provide maximum floor space, light and have a high-pitched roof.
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