"Orangery costs depend on size, style, features & other factors"

Orangeries tend to be more expensive than a similarly sized conservatory, but depending on the options chosen for framing and glazing, orangery costs can still be very reasonable. Our structures are of the highest quality, incorporating modern design features such as multi-point locking and adjustable hardware while retaining the clean and traditional aesthetic which can only be achieved with timber. Our orangeries can start from £10,000, but this cost is highly dependent on the specification required.

We can give you a free, no obligation quote based on your specifications. Fill out our enquiry form to get a quote, alternatively give us a call on 0843 8868 552 to speak to a member of the team.

Our quotes are quick and easy to obtain. We generally require a specification which may include:

Our quotes are quick and easy to obtain, we generally require a specification which may include

  • Proposed orangery dimensions “L x W x H”
  • Choice of materials, colours etc.
  • Roof Style
  • General styling and design features such as door panels, glazing bars etc.

  • There are a wide range of styling options and architectural features available, so the more information that is provided, the more accurate the quotation will be, however we will generally talk through your requirements over the phone and can offer guidance as to the best options to suit your existing property.

    Why “Cheap” is a risk to quality

    Cheaper structures generally carry the risk of poorer quality. This can include cheaper and less durable materials; a poor fit between components, leaving unsightly gaps; poor-quality, non-adjustable hardware leading to excessive problems such as doors and windows sticking and failing to operate properly; a poor quality, hand-brushed paint finish and more.

    Joinery or framing which is cheaper at first can also be a false economy. Cheaper frames (including aluminium and PVC materials) will generally need more maintenance, and need replacing sooner than our high-quality hardwood joinery, which will cost more when viewed over the lifetime of the building.

    A cheaper structure will also not add as much to your property value, and structures and designs which are unsympathetic to your existing home style can negatively impact the value of your home. For instance, many people are put off by PVC windows and conservatories on older houses where they are not in keeping with the general aesthetic. Orangeries UK provide only high-quality, premium products which, while initially more costly than alternatives like PVC, are well worth the investment when viewed in the longer term.

    Some Examples of our Orangeries

    Orangery Extension Prices

    Orangery prices are dependent on the size, configuration, features and styling. Orangery prices can range from £7995 to £100,000+. Small timber framed orangeries are generally the cheapest whilst larger orangery extensions will typically range from £20,000 onwards. The average cost of Orangeries ranges between £20,000 and £50,0000, again this is all down to a number of factors.
    People deciding between a conservatory or an orangery should take note of the price differences due to the roof and overall structure. Conservatories in wood tend to be cheaper due to the pitched roof whereas an Orangery will also require a roof lantern. If you would like more information on our orangery prices or to find out more about the average costs then don't hesitate to give us a call.